Whistleblower Exposes Unethical Practices at Rabidi N.V. - Time for Justice?


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Oct 16, 2023
Greetings all,

While exploring the internet and gathering information today, I stumbled upon two noteworthy links on Fintelegram. These links highlight a whistleblower's revelations regarding the unethical and illegal practices employed by Rabidi N.V. The severity of the case and the significant impact on players worldwide is evident. It raises the question: Is it finally time for justice to be served ?!
The gravity of the situation calls for collective attention and action to address the damage inflicted upon players globally.
Check out these links:
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Remember, Malta and Cyprus are mafia states when it concerns money laundering and tax scams. Cyprus is a haven for eastern European scammers and dirty money, dodgy casinos etc. It's almost been colonized by them. The fact that this activity is never seemingly checked by the EU shows how pointless it is. Or bribes are being made. Like Malta, Cyprus has made it benefical for 'business' to help the country's economy and population shrinkage and thus they don't look too hard at what goes on.

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