Palace of Chance found a new excuse to rob my deposit


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Jun 11, 2002
Now after the casino couldnt accuse me and my neighbour of being the same person.
They now have accused me of cheating. The wizard of odds helped me arbitrate with the casino.
The casino replies to him 'we felt they have found some new ways to cheat. But we couldnt be specific about what he did and we didnt want to leak the secret'.
This is how far they are willing to go to rob me and my neighbour of 240 (80 for me and 160 for my friend).
Do you still want to play there?? I think NOT
I've played at POC off and on for over two years and have never had a problem. Recently, I was paid a roughly ~ 4K win (I hit a Royal Flush). This is just my experience; and I'm not saying others have not had problems, but I've always liked Palace of chance.

ssi717, I do hope your problem gets resolved.

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