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Oct 26, 2018
As a retired software designer with not wonderful health I often find myself at a bit of a loose end. Sometimes I solve this problem by having a bright idea for a program I could write. Well I think they are bright ideas anyway!

My latest bright idea was to adapt an earlier project which encapsulates The Wizard of Odds' (you've surely all heard of him!) Simple Pai Gow Strategy into being a gadget which encapsulates his Intermediate Strategy. Having just finished this project, I thought I'd let you guys know as it would be a shame to waste all that effort and not tell anybody!

The basic idea is to have a single form on which you click a few buttons and make the odd selection and bingo, you get advice! The worst case is 6 mouse clicks which is fairly rare but still less mouse clicks than selecting 7 cards from a display of a full deck of cards, which is the other way people do this job.

I have always been great believer in Freeware and my way of repaying all the Freeware that I have used is to make my own programs available for free too. Hence, I have a Freeware page on my web site. There are only about 2 dozen programs on it so programs of interest are not hard to find. The actual download files are held on a file sharing site called Jumpshare, so don't be surprised when you end up there. Jumpshare is dead easy to use, you are shown a single icon to click on, and that is it, job done.

Both the Simple and Intermediate gadgets are on my site, all you need to do now is find my site! I'll give you the name of it, not a link. If you Google for "Racing Dog's Kennel" (including the quotes!) you will find it easily enough. It's why I use that ID here! There are feedback links on several pages on my site so should you have any problems or suggestions please use those.

I know this post isn't "Commercial", but I couldn't figure where else to put it, so sorry if I've goofed.

I just hope I haven't been wasting my time and that somebody finds these programs useful.

Cheers all.

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