PAF joins Boss Media for poker


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Feb 22, 2001

Finnish operator to use Boss software and poker network

Finnish online gambling company lands Penningautomatfrening (PAF) has signed up with Sweden's Boss Media for the use of the latter's online poker systems and network. The agreement will see Boss deliver a downloadable poker software in five languages, followed by a web-based product in the latter part of this year.

The poker product, which will be available in Swedish, Finnish, English, German and Spanish will be linked to Boss Media's ever expanding partner-based poker network, IPN. Players at PAF will be able to log in and play poker games with their existing playing account.

Established in 1966, PAF is an association governed by public law whose goal is to raise funds for the public benefit by offering cash gaming to the public. PAF conducts gaming with cash prizes on the island of Aland, an independent province of Finland, as well as onboard ships, via the Internet and via mobile telephones. PAF is, by the authority of the Provincial land Government, entitled to arrange gaming on land, onboard ships and on the Internet.

"We are pleased to be able to initiate cooperation with Boss Media. Our strength is being able to arrange poker tournaments on ships and on Aland, in which qualifying is often through satellite tournaments with small stakes via our gaming service on the Internet. At last week's large tournament "PAF Poker Challenge" in Mariehamn, more than half the players had qualified via the Internet. Through the cooperation with Boss Media, we hope to reach new segments and create more entertainment for our players," says Stefan Pettersson, Director of PAF.

"Participating in satellite tournaments via Internet to qualify for live poker tournaments has become a huge success among poker players," says Johan Berg, President of Boss Media. "With PAF's unique gaming operator experience and the possibilities to arrange attractive tournament offerings, we are convinced that together we will attract new players on the international gaming markets."


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Apr 29, 2004
They'll still have the OnGame client available for everyone...

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