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Mar 17, 2003
In the past, I know of only a few casinos which uses WebCam and Live Dealers.

1. CWC Gaming
2. DrHo (not sure which provider)
3. Playtech Live Dealer

Lately, I just found 1 more, which is provided by Vuetec Ltd. (Distance Gaming) which actually takes the feed from a REAL CASINO itself. Now, that's interesting!

Then there's 3 more out there which I have no idea who the providers are.

They could be found at (Ruby, Diamond and Jade Suite).
Now, those are really interesting coz they are not from any of the mainstreem providers around. Does anyone actually know who the providers for the Live Dealer Games are? I'd like to find out who they are getting it from.

Also, if you guys do know any others around, please do add it in this thread as well. It would be helpful to those who are actually looking for games like that.



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Feb 22, 2001
Vuetec has been around for years, and is a regular exhibitor at some of the big online gambling conferences. Their slogan has always been "distance gambling" and I recall having an interesting conversation with the Australian founder a couple of years back. I don't know how many licensees they have as they do not have a high profile - Dublin is one of theirs.

Microgaming also offers a live-over-the-internet platform, which I think 32Red uses.

CWC has continued in business after the murder of its mover and shaker, Adam Anhang a couple of years ago, and again is seen at the big exhibitions -most recently at ICE last January. Last time I looked they had something like 16 licensees.

One of them was Dr. Ho but I think that fell through. is a recent arrival powered by CWC that has introduced live video and audio streaming. It also offers virtual games from ThrillX.

There was an Eastern European outfit that streamed live gambling from a land casino in that region too, but not much has been heard from them recently.

There's also an Aussie outfit called Micronica WinCam Live Dealers, but I don't know too much about them.

Another company with an Egyptian themed site created quite a lot of hype about its "unique webcam-based live online gambling" last year but doesn't seem to have hit the headlines recently.

Edited to add the postscript that is (was?) a Betonsports company associated with sister Easybets.


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May 29, 2004
Microgaming also offers a live-over-the-internet platform, which I think 32Red uses.

Yup this is an upcoming thing. At the moment only Baccarat is live but there is also Roulette, Sic Bo and Fantan due soon. It's available through the 32Red casino lobby and would expect to see this rolled out to more soon, if not already.

Due to the "problem" of no historical view of cards in the past (witness the issue at Ladbrokes last year), MG have implemented a huge video setup with mega-database to archive footage of all hands dealt - like a YouTube-style Playcheck!. It probably won't be publically accessible via the software, but used for has some clever archive search facility that also scans and logs the cards dealt in a searchable format. Sounds very clever but, as I understand it, this technology has lead to some delays in implementing the full suite of games.


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Mar 9, 2005
Tel Aviv
I have played at Dr Ho, at Webcam and at Ladbrokes live - and watching paint dry beats this by miles.

I have a reasonable connection (1.5M), but the feed is slow and jerky, as is the play. I think there is a looong way to go before these become playable.