Online Gaming can kiss where you know what

haven't read through the whole thread so I don't know if someone has mentioned that you're expected to lose in the longrun. If you gamble, it's for your own personal entertainment similar to going to a movie.
Feel the same after what happen to me

I have played one site a Microgaming site and now for 6 months have hit nothing at all. I will say the same as you if you will get 3 Aces on the slots you will be lucky. No matter what you play and then when you asked the site to show your avg winnings its always like we show that your % of win is 98.9% 99.4% 97.9% if that is true then why can't one cash at least one time. When you deposit 400.00 and play any MG site and all you do is win a little and loose a lot no wounder its a billion dollar market. So after my experience I too will take a break from all of this so that I can find out what is really going on here. I see so many lost and very few wins compared to Vegas at least I have won there even 50,000.00 slot and Toronto 40,000.00 Bahamas 35,000.00 slots. So what the heck am I doing on here but making other people rich and very happy. While they are so kind to give a token bonus and that goes back to them as well. Oh well my advise to all until its becomes better odds get out while you can.


I couldn't agree more with you... Honestly, from a person who loves land based casinos...

Never the less, that ilussion of excitement, luxury and adventure that landbased casinos offer are the worst trap for the cumpulsive gambler.

I don't find amusement no more on joining 100 fruit cakes betting their ass' off. I don't miss the food, drinks or the women. First of all land based casinos are the worst place where a human being can waste his life. Thousands of people wanting to be with their families, enjoy and afternoon with your best friends or people with not enough money to have a meal...

Is amazing, you can place bets on Black Jack of $30 a hand with out hesitating... but when you get charged $20 for a good meal you complain... is in that just wrong?

Anyways.. online gambling gives you the freedom to get in to your slippers, grab a cup of coffe, a good cigarrete and enjoy nice $1 tourneys of no limit texas holdem... When you are tired, you don't even have to take a cab or drive home. If you are drinking..even better.. no chance of killing someone if you are driving...

Regarding credit cards... if you have a gambling problem admit it and give your cards to some one you trust.

Looking for a honest site to make business with is not hard. You have tons of them on this site. Making use of common sense also helps from time to time..

Online gambling brings tons of advantages that those @%@# land basesd casinos don't give you...

At least I am happy not dealing with smart ass pit bosses, incompetent dealers, and enless nights sitting with a bunch of strangers... At home you will sit the same amount of time, and probably more comfortable.
Posted by The Watchdog:

Online gambling brings tons of advantages that those @%@# land basesd casinos don't give you...

At least I am happy not dealing with smart ass pit bosses, incompetent dealers, and enless nights sitting with a bunch of strangers... At home you will sit the same amount of time, and probably more comfortable.

I have to disagree... :rolleyes:

Although online gambling does offer "some advantages"... what you posted above aren't really valid...

The "smart ass pit bosses" and the "incompetent dealers" can be equated to dealing with the CSR you speak with when you have a question or complaint about an online gaming issue.

80% of these CSR are "totally clueless". The other 20% are "semi clueless". ;)

As far as "sitting with a bunch of strangers"... I think a lot of people would enjoy that... it's part of the "casino experience" in a "real" casino.

The comparison between "online & B&M" casinos are like comparing "apples & oranges"... both "fruits" but totally different, IMO.

I guess it just depends on how each person feels about it. ;)
I agree

Is true, that´s my point of view. The time I spent gambling on land based casinos left me such an awful mouth taste that probably is the reason why I despite that enviorment.

I have never been to Vegas, probably will never go since I will probably die there or stay as a homeless gambling degenarate...

What happen is that I don´t find nothing special from those places.

Here in Costa Rica there is a saying that a lot of people share. Compulsive gamblers are just like Crack heads.. only that a little bit better dressed.

You put a foot out side a casino and you will see those poor people begging for a coin to built up enough just for another hit... Same stuff with the guys inside.. only that you have them semi-nicely dressed but feeding their urge for just another bet.

I honestly have nothing against Casinos... As a matter of fact I respect the industry land based or online. However I do agree some people can gamble, other can´t. Í`m on the team that can´t. Probably why I feel this way.

I still believe that online gambling, if properly done, can bring more excitement that land based... Not only regarding casinos, but sports, poker, etc.

You wake up monday morning.. you place $50 on your fav team for monday night... At 8pm you sit down at home to watch the game, during half time if you wish you can play a friendly single table tourney of Omaha high-low at your favorite site, or play some spins in your lucky progressive slot machine.. Then you watch the rest of the game, kiss your wife good night without spending money on gas, exposing yourself to all sorts of dangers and all of this in with your favorite jersey on, your feet on the living room´s coffe table with anyone giving you "·!%"%·" about nothing..

I guess my love of land based gambling comes from alot of wonderful memories with my mom. Also my addiction really didn't show up until online gambling. I guess because I would only go a few times a year and this blasted computer sits in front of my every day and night saying "come on this might be your lucky day" At least I did one good thing today. I asked Casino of Fortune to self-exclude me. Hey, its a start.
Bally, I can relate to your post. The first time I hit a casino was when my parents took me to Reno. I had a blast although we only played 3 nickels at a time (there were no video slots then.)

Then I went to a couple of casinos close to where I lived at that time, and that's when the addiction really took hold.

Mum passed away 5 years ago but would absolutely hate to feel that she was the start of all this. She definitely didn't anticipate what one trip to Reno would do. :eek2:

Well the nickels now are pennies, but I'm spending more than 15 cents per spin. I wish I'd never tried online gaming. Someone here said once you've played higher bets, it's hard to go back to small ones. He/she is right.

After losses this month, I know I will defininitely have to curtail the spending a bit. I think Lydia (think it was her) is right when she claims that the casinos will try to get back what you win. I have seen the same thing after a decent cashout. :mad:

Thank goodness I spend spare money - it would be absolutely horrifying to have to be trying to win at slots to pay bills. No wonder you hear of suicides after an evening of gambling.

I feel the same way. My mom passed away... wow it will be 3 years this September. My mom and dad had always loved Atlantic City. I went with them many times and with my ex and my mom after dad passed away. I also would never want her to feel responsible for my addiction and Im sure she doesnt. She knows (or knew) I was not able to control it. But I will never let the addiction take away the wonderful memories I have of those times. I had one casino exclude me today and they were actually pretty nice about it. They said I was now banned and they wished me the best of luck with my problem. I know it was probably in hopes I come play again someday, but Im glad they didn't make me send in a special request by snail mail or anything like that. I have spent a shameful amount of money gambling and maybe this was just a baby step but it was a step in the right direction.:)
sort of along the same lines as the posts prior to mine...

Although I like that online gaming/wagering is available (and hope it will continue to be ;) ), one instance of "not the same" ...

Now that online horse betting is available also, I have found that those times I would go to Pimlico with my father (usually would treat him to a table at the Sports Palace and have lunch), or even just to get those advance day tickets for big events like the Preakness, etc.. have dwindled. My parents were divorced when I was two years old, and there was a big gap in time where we never really grew close or communicated, even nowadays most of our conversations consist of gambling/horses, but that was still something

Not to say that we cannot still do those things, but the online part makes it so convenient it's so easy to lose sight of the added quality aspects of "being out there".. I guess you just have to have the proper balance
Today I met some guy at an online casino and he told me he dropped like 100K USD in the past year. Ever since, he's been trying to win it back. I really feel bad for the guy. Apparently, he had to sell his home, his car, and such to settle debts. I felt bad for the guy, but in the same way, I knew he was incorrigible. That's degenerate bottom of the barrel for ya.
From the last posts

All I can tell from the last posts are that gambling might be amusing to some...
A nightmare to others...

Never regret what you have done.. I believe that regardless of how awful an experience can be (not only gambling), something positive can always be learned.

As I said before, the gabmling industry (land based or online) is amazing and I respected very much.

Some people can gamble, others cant... The ones who cant be careful, the ones who can, enjoy it, proffit of it and always look for the best place to make business with.. A LOT OF RATS OUT THERE...
Lost 8 hundred at Gala on a similar losing streak over a period of a month and a half:( :(
Freudian said:
Poker is the way go. At least you can win if you are good and the operators have no financial incentive to rip you off.

Not exactly true.

Poker rooms can't stamp out collusion, always the risk of getting fleeced by that rort.

Ad bots to the mix and a poker room ends up winning your dough. That's a BIG financial incentive imo.
vinylweatherman said:
(some might say "prolong the misery").


Edit: After reading back a few posts my post is not intended to be a slap in face to anyone, I just thought it was a funny line.
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This is what gets to me. If I deposit $200 and lose I feel stupid, because I just wagered something that I once had. Now I got NOTHING!!! If I happen to go on a winning streak from $200 to $1,000. I start feeling cocky and betting large amounts. Just to have the casino eat right thru it. I get bored after 20 or 30 minutes and I might bet it all. Just to have the Dealer to pull 21. I am really tired of this. I can't find a good bonus without them wanting to wager 20X on some stupid slots. And if I even meet the requirements on slots. I can't get paid because I wagered on Blackjack. The online gaming can goto Hell for all I care. Alot of us would be mad for a few minutes. But when reality kicks in. We all would be better off! And online gaming doesn't come close to BM Casinos the whole atmosphere is different. Much more to do and see. I wished I never knew what a computer was, and that's the truth!
I can relate to this very much
I get bored after 20 or 30 minutes and I might bet it all.
. What I have learned to do is change my habits and I also asked my husband to kick me when he sees me going into one of these "MODES". (the stupidity bored mode that is) and start betting all my winnings back.

I play slots and build it up (when I can) then leave and go to the "track online" to get a little change of pace, bet a few races (win most of the time and cashout when my hubby says so) then I go back to the slots and have funds to play again...

I really do need to be reminded to stop when I start doing the stupid things (as a lot of us know we need this) even tho I KNOW I am doing it, I just do it even more..thank goodness my hubby checks in on me every once in a while asking me how I am doing,
I guess you just have to have the proper balance
and I tell him the truth, whether I am up or down, and he keeps me grounded and says "CASHOUT NOW" and I say , thank you.

He is my best friend when it comes to gambling online for he knows when to make me stop, ( he sees STUPID on my forehead at times) and I love him enough to do just that. STOP.

Any gambler knows that having an anchor and using one is very important and if they have this, gambling will be much more enjoyable in the long run, just finding your anchor to help keep your feet on the ground for sharing the winnings is twice as exciting than it is to win alone, in a room with just a computer and a screen and losing is only half as bad when sharing it with someone that cares and understands.
time to stop

once all my deposits and cash outs have cleared in my bank account, hopefully in the next two weeks, it's time to hang up my mouse, it's clicked it's last click on online casinos.

WHY, because tonight I spent about 30 minutes playing (having fun?) at a new casino and then 60 minutes trying to get customer service to process my cashout and accept I had followed all their T&Cs.

It's just TOO much now, gambling used to be fun, but no more, it's back to the B&M for me.
El nino

That is why I love 24-7 chat support...

If you have a question, you just click on the link and someone should always be available to help you out.

Is the most frustrading thing to have a question or problem and not being able to get assistance.

Not many sites offer it, but some do.

Its awful when they advertise 24/7 chat support... then you click on it and it says: ALL OUR REPS ARE BUSY...What the @%@ is that... can't they handle 2 or 3 chats at a time?? CS resps should be multitasking, no excuse for being unable...

My experiance with 24/7 is that they just ignore you. Anyway, what i meant was is that you cant report them to the police. I believe in karma, and i believe these people who own and work for these dodgy online casinos like MGC, will ........ you know what. :lolup:
My experience with 24/7 is that they just ignore you. Anyway, what I meant was is that you cant report them to the police. I believe in karma, and I believe these people who own and work for these dodgy online casinos like MGC, will ........ you know what. :lolup:
I just can't believe the casinos has the nerves to restrict bonuses to Slots and 25X< on Slots. And No Blackjack. I remembered when I first started online gaming in 1995. Time sure has changed and for the WORST!!!
I only play at Poker Rooms now. I did the casino thing, love black jack and every now and then I hit a table at an online casino, but for the most part, I play online Poker. And YOU CAN MAKE MONEY!

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