Online Gambling Website starts in Ontario, Canada

the Shamus

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The Ontario Government has started new new online gambling website (following implementations British Columbia and Quebec).

I made this YOU TUBE video outlining my experience with the new site. It's safe to say there are some growing pains here!

Let me know what you think!

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Slotting it up again in lower RTP universe.
Yup tried it out the 1st day, promptly lost 100 bucks deposited another 100 and hit a couple decent hits but that did not last long and am awaiting a withdrawal right now. So far you go down fast, I think the payouts suck overall and payouts for symbols on some machines suck so I would avoid the slots and such, I will say it's nice to be able to buy lottery tickets through it but even that sucked as I did not even get 1 number on the one ticket I got:p.


The Governor
Appears to be the same shitty, low RTP, web-based IGT games as the ones we have here in Quebec. The games look straight from the 90's (and some of them probably are from the 90's).

Here the autospin feature is deactivated on all slots and the spins are slow on purpose.

It's good for poker though...plenty of bad players and relatively easy to make money there.