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Mar 30, 2004
funny thing happened to me with this casino in the past couple of days. Yesterday I deposited just 20 dollars into the casino and I happened to win on one of them video poker jackpot .25c for about 1300. Then today I was playing for a little while and all of a sudden something popped up and said something along the lines of " your account has been temporarily disabled". Seemed kind of strange for no reason, so I tried logging back in and my password was incorrect lol...yeah right. I enjoy reading many of your posts on here, never really had a problem until now. From what I've read I assumed Omni was a trustworthy casino, if anyone has had any problems like this in the past would you care to tell me about it. Well thanks for any help I can receive, have a good day.
Excuse me for maybe asking the obvious, have you contacted customer support to find out what's going on?
lol yep I'm the idiot, sorry about this post didn't need to be here...something with my account happened...still a great casino. I just dont like how they can randomly shut down accounts without straight up telling you why, you have to contact them. Kind of like a cop walking right into your house and searching without a warrant. But I guess that is the way things work these days online. Anyways sorry about the confusion, omni is still a good place.
Did you use the Java or the download version? I had a problem once when I was not able to use the Java version due to some technical problems, and it would tell me that my account is locked, but the download version was fine.
Maybe they thought your account was compromised and were just shutting it down to protect you until they could confirm it was you playing.
I had similar problem once. I've contacted support and they reply that the reason was some maintanance or update the same time with my play. They unlocked it immidiately and gave me 5000 reward points for troubles :).

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