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Sep 19, 2008
hi there, i just joined old chicago casino and received a 7 pound bonus which i had to wager 30 times. I had just wagered this amount and had 64 pounds in credits when they "mistakenly" credited a second bonus therefore doubling my wager requirements. They have no phone number or live chat facility so i emailed them and they said i should be happy to receive a second bonus but they would not take it back. This is ridiculous for a new m/g casino and every answer to every email since has not even related to what i asked them. Does any1 know who regulates these people and who i can make a complaint to.:) i am sorry if this is not done in the proper fashion but i just joined the site and am still learning


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Sep 17, 2008
Hello Suzy,

I am sorry to see that this is the nature of your first post here at Casinomeister.
I am also sorry that you have alluded that our casino, Old Chicago, would ever operate in such an inappropriate way.

As an LGA strictly licensed, brand new operation, we would never administer bonuses to our players accounts with a view to prevent them from cashing out.

You have been in continuous email correspondence with both our support team and casino manager today. Your issue is currently unresolved, you have been informed that we are taking the necessary steps to do so.

It is our professional belief that the details of any client issues ought not to be made public until a final decision is reached.

In your emails you threaten to warn everyone at CM of what has happened to you.
While I appreciate that this is a positive and helpful outlook in the right scenario, we believe that now is not the time to do so because your situation is, again I stress, as yet unresolved.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of this issue, when an outcome is reached, it is, of course, your legitimate decision to say so here. However, we here at Webbet urge you to wait until the proper time, because we are still in the process of helping you right now.




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Jan 20, 2004
I gotta say Suzy, Frank has the right of it: wait for the issue to reach it's conclusion offline before dragging it out into the forums. You have the casino rep's attention and that's a good thing. If and only if they can't help you should you consider escalating this.

Because of this, and because your chances of getting this resolved are so much better if the rep can handle it offline, I'm going to temporarily close this thread. As I've mentioned to you via PM, if that fails then I'll re-open this thread and we can take this to the next level.

Later: The OP continued to post on this and related Old Chicago issues almost immediately after posting the PAB.
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