Now Which Browser To Use?????.......


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I know that Chrome has stopped supporting java so I had to go back to IE to play at

Now, I have read they will no longer support "flash".

I am not really fond of IE.

I have trouble with the CWC casino group slots spinning slower than a snails pace in their download version.

They have the "flash" version but it doesn't have all the games I like. But, it does spin properly at least. But, I

would still have to go back to IE.

I have a prompt when I have open, up in the corner to install the new "Firefox".

Is this browser any good? I have been told it is a space/data hog.

I have not noticed the slow spinning at Intertops RTG Casino nor Jackpot Capital Casino in the

downloaded software.

What other browser software is out there? Any suggestions?

(System= HP Pavilion with Windows 8, has touch capabilities but it is a desktop)


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I use all 3 browsers but Firefox is my least favourite. It will do what you want it to but I find it a bit slower than IE and Chrome. You could wait until July 29th and get the new Windows 10 which rumours suggest comes with a thing codenamed "Spartan", Microsoft's new lightweight browser.


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I was thinking about waiting on Windows 10 for all the bugs to get worked out.

So, if you think Firefox is slower than the other, I am stuck with IE.

Doesn't it seem silly for a browser to quit supporting those two programs?

Are they not used a lot by people? I thought they were.


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Although Chrome is recommended everywhere, Firefox is my choice. Works the best.
I recommend install Fasterfox as Add-On. It makes decent difference in my case.

But this topic shows it is different for everyone.


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I've been using Firefox for years and it's a clear winner for me. I like the fact, that you can tweak pretty much every setting in it.

Firefox is not perfect and not the fastest, but beats IE any day of the week. I also use Chromium and Opera in development environments.