Quick question ... Web browser compatability issues with flash casino's


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Good afternoon,


What are peoples preferred web browsers?


Anyone having any issues with browser and/or flash player plug in compatibility with any flash casino sites?
.... It's not intended to be a 'crucifixion' of any establishment, hence the generic questioning...
(My browser and flash plug-in's are all up-to date... last updated Sunday 15th Feb, and disabling my Firewall, clearing cookies/ history etc doesn't help)

I'm just wondering how common this issue is ....

CSR's Advising customers to swap from say, their preferred browser, Firefox, to Google Chrome, to use a gambling site isn't the best long term fix IMO...
I would have (possibly naively??) thought that web developers, would in an 'ideal world' take into account differing browser clients
(And would possibly help the casino's bottom line, by reducing customer service requests concerning browser compatibility issues??)

... Depending upon what you guys (and girls) come back with, I'll see if its worth chatting with my favoured casino's
tech support team, (rather than frontline CSR's) to see if there is a better 'fix' than 'ditching Firefox' ...

In the longer term, I could ditch Firefox, no technical reason why I shouldn't .. but it's just my personal preference...
I prefer the feel of Firefox, and feel more familiar with that browser...

Cheers :)


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I have always used Google Chrome for everything I do online and very rarely had any issues with anything including Flash Player and casino software.

Cannot really offer any 'solid' advice than I just got into the habit of clearing history, cache, cookies once a week at least, takes seconds and It maybe the reason I've been 'lucky' thus far lol.

I will be interested to see other replies to this thread as my friend has an ongoing 'weird' issue we have been trying to solve for weeks now, similar to yours.

He is a 32 red member and regardless of browser he can't play there cos flash player crashes every time, it is the 'latest' version, the correct plug in and works for him NP at other casinos? Go figure huh?


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Yes, IE plays up with Netents when you use spacebar to spin and do it too quickly, they go black and sometimes won't load at all.
Have had issues with Chrome when opening some IGT games.
Generally the built-in flash on IE/WIN8 is not to be trusted.
Chrome is better IMO.


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It would appear, that your friend and I have experienced browser/flash issues on the site...
.... Only mine don't stop me playing outright, I'll just have to use Chrome instead of Firefox (which seems to 'fix' it)

.... The clearing cookies/ browser cache suggestion... I do that on a regular basis anyway
(along with weekly defrags, temp/trash folder clear-outs and incremental backups, but that's sidetracking...)

It's just the 'glitches' I've had on the site, through Firefox have been really weird and varied...

At my last play session on Tuesday evening, the site presented a (Blue background if I recall) flash player out of date screen, even though it was updated Sunday..

And the most common one I experience during sessions (about 50% of the time!!), the login screen shows the 'play for real' and 'practice play' buttons,
but not the username and password textbox fields .. so I can't log in..

Instead, I just ended up having to go around a repetitive loop like this...
>>> Click 'play for real' button (as no text entry fields rendered)
>>> Got to Account registration page
>>> Click 'Already have an account'
>>> have a 'fancy' green progress bar on a black screen background *somewhere* in the sequence
>>> ... and around I go again... still no username or password fields rendered on this iteration

Its not going to stop me playing there, it's just a bit frustrating sometimes... and would be nice to see it fixed..
However... It might be already, I don't know if the revamped website has fixed this issue... (used chrome for last session(s) as per CSR recommendation)
... I'll see if I can 'copy in' tech support, just to keep them in the loop...


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yep it sure can be a very frustrating time, more so If you on a 'losing' deposit and the games keep crashing etc.

Defo get the tech guys on the case as they may be able to finally shed some light on numerous players problems :) :thumbsup:


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I used to be ie through and through, but switched to Chrome shortly after getting my new Windows 8.1 touch-screen laptop about a year ago.

I had no problems with ANY games from any providers, until The Invisible Man from NetEnt was released in December. (I THINK it was their first HTML5 game)
The game would just loop the intro movie over and over and even if it loaded up, clicking on any buttons did nothing.
The problem was exactly the same in Chrome and ie10. Strange thing was, it worked perfectly OK on my wife's older Windows 7 laptop in either browser.

In the end someone suggested I use FireFox - and sure enough the game does work in that browser!

However, having just checked again right now - and it is working OK in Chrome on my machine, so NetEnt must have fixed this "glitch" :thumbsup:



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I've been getting Flash Plugin issues over the past few days on MG's gameassists servers which requires a repetitive install of Flash. But that tends to solve it temporarily at least.


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I am an chrome man my self, No issues except the game lights (netent) Only works on the old I.E

I see randomiam mentioned Opera but correct me if I am wrong but I am sure Opera and Chrome work on the same engine