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May 25, 2005
Houston TX
Ok, i got this email from nostalgia saying claim your bonus now, $200 free.
The email had my account number in it. So i was like ok this sounds good.

I go to live help only to be told this email was sent out in error. As far as i am concerned this was there mistake, dont send out emails with a account number of a player that makes deposits, then tell them the email that you got was for new players????

I had made 1 deposit for $100 just before i received that email, then while they were looking into this matter i had made another deposit for $25.
They were oh so kind to match my $25 deposit for the

I am sorry but i feel they should have matched the $100 deposit, as the email clearly had my account number in it.
This is an MG casino. Surely,they could,as with some other MG casinos send a bonus code to you with the specifics of the promotion and once you deposit the correct amount,whoosh the bonus is already in your account. Actually,RTG has the best auto bonus system in my opinion. You enter the bonus code before you deposit and you are told specifically at the casino what bonus you will get and the excluded games,if any. If the code is only for new players,then its your fault as an existing player to redeem it. Conversely,if they are no such restrictions,you can safely redeem your match bonus without any hassles.
Response from Nostalgia Casino


With regards to this email, yes it was an email for the sign up offer that was incorrectly sent to a few exisiting players and we do apologise for the inconvenience.

However, this matter has been resolved by us crediting the player with the full bonus earlier on in the week.

VIP Services,
Nostalgia Casino
nostaliga mistake


yes they did give me $100 but the eamil stated $200 free and from the date i got the email witin those 4 days i made deposit for 200 and even if tehy are looking at is as a 2 deposit thing, they shoud have matched the 2nd deposit i made for $25, so in my opinion i did not get the full bouns that email advertiesed. and i would gladly forward the emai to casinomeister. I did contact vip serviecs about it but got no reply.


now i am waiting to see who will win that big 10k sure my 44 entries wont matter as it will be the one who deposited the most or the usual winner of these types of

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