Non USA Casino Steals USA Players Deposits


Banned User
Mar 1, 2012
Los Angeles
Hey bros Im kind of new to the site and I wanted your help with an issue I had with Bobcasino. I cant find them listed on your site but they are just like the rest of the SoftSwiss casinos similar to Bitstarz. I deposited $500 in bitcoin and ended up winning $1200 so I requested cashout and they verified my account and completed my withdrawal. Later that day I started to play again eventually losing $5000 and just when I was about to call it quits I hit a small jackpot and then got on winning streak just to have my account closed and deleted because they said they dont accept usa players. I asked them why they accepted my deposits then and why they successfuly verified my account and cashed me out before. they stoped replying to me so i took it to and they said i was lying and would not even look at my proof of all the emails from bobcasino. it turns out that same month they had just given bobcasino an award for best new casino. these guys should not be able to have an online gamming license in my opinion. your thoughts?