Non gambling streamers making noise to try get twitch to act and remove SLOTS category


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Oct 17, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
There have been countless threads about these cancers to society but for quite a while nothing seems to have changed and they have gotten away with bigger and bigger bets using fake money to the point where with some of them $500 or 500 euro spins all day long is the norm now showing off their fake million euro wins.

The main sites most have moved to are Crypto only and targeting both US players and advertising it to minors which are both highly illegal and these non gambling streamers have had enough.

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Wonder how long it is till mainstream media and any gaming authorities jump on this and Twitch is forced to act.
Half naked ladies promoting their onlyfans page and high stakes crypto casino play was always what Twitch was supposed to be about.

Fair enough i guess.
If i could make the money they do by just sitting around in my underwear i would probably do it.
Hell, its so hot right now im doing it for free at the moment.

Just a shame they couldnt create a streaming service aimed at soft-core & gambling content instead of ruining a perfectly good platform for gaming streams.
Would that also include all the gaming channels who advertise sites like howl. Com and other such coin flip sites? It's too large a market to blanket ban.
Here are three methods of gambling that probably 99% of you have never even seen. And on some servers you can buy the Ingame currency for real money.


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I'm not sure whether the annoyance demonstrated by these 'defenders of Twitch ethics' is down to the fact that they genuinely think gambling is dangerous or that these gambling channels appear to out-earn them by a significant margin.
Its probably about pieces of 'their' pie going to these casino streamers.
Nobody wants to share pie.
If they actually gave a shit they would have spoken out ages ago because its not like people streaming slots is a new thing.
Now they see some people are starting to talk about it, so they pretend to care aswell.

I guess it is slightly different with the new mega stakes on shady crypto sites, i mean its not even gambling.
Just crooked sites paying people to advertise for them.

But its not like the streamers are everything wrong with the situation.
I dont see providers distancing themselves from these sites, quite the opposite they are even making custom versions of their games for them.
Wouldnt want Rosh to suddenly ditch their slots and start streaming slots from some other provider. ;)

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