Twitch bans Stake, Roobet and others (finally!)

Even though i'm on a major break from depositing absolutely anywhere because of how shocking and rigged the losing scripts on RTP became for an extended period of time today is such a wonderful day that these parasites are one step from being gone.
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Out of the frying pan into the fire - Twitch, being newer and a rival to YT clearly never worried too much about standards until now, whereas YT will pretty soon put a stop to any crapola of this type. Unlike Twatch, they never permitted gambling transactional links so if they think the grass is greener on YT, they'll be quickly disillusioned.
Agreed, I think Twitch allowed it to fester for way too long, to the point the crypto scams could use the headliner streamers as a "shield" essentially - contrast with YT which formally banned gambling affiliate links in 2018, and gambling adverts in 2021 (along with politics and alcohol if I recall correctly). Additionally YT doesn't have the same "reliance" on those content creators that Twitch had, so much easier for them to stamp out quickly if they so wish.
Even though i'm on a major break from depositing absolutely anywhere because of how shocking and rigged the losing scripts on RTP became for an extended period of time today is such a wonderful day that these parasites are one step from being gone.
They will just move to dif platform.
Update for the evening from a couple of hours ago...

CategoryBallpark (2130 GMT, past 7 days)Current (2130 GMT)
/slots50-75k viewers, 175-225 streams14.0k viewers, 130 streams
/virtualcasino30-40k viewers, 80-100 streams7.6k viewers, 57 streams

Twitch have in the last few hours added a "prohibited gambling site" option to reports, so hopefully those will be actioned quickly in the coming days.

Some observations from the evening:
  • A number of streams (maybe 1 in 10) are predictably trying to misunderstand the new rules for their own benefit - e.g. some streamers have started promoting a fiat-denominated Curacao casino (remember those? :eek:) that I can't find reference to on CM, another is lying to their viewers claiming they can "continue to stream" because their particular crypto casino isn't on the list.
  • A half-dozen streams are placeholders for one of the video streaming platforms named above which I won't repeat, which according to wikipedia is a cess pit for far-right and conspiracy theory streams. I doubt people will stick around with the other (Trovo Live) because chinese gaming company Tencent will clamp down on it fairly quickly.
Dlive seems to have nothing but degens streaming and watching on that site.

If you look at every other non slots category there's almost no one streaming or watching in comparison.

Something like this is perfect because there's only so long that they can keep the degens watching before even they get over it and there will be no fresh new people to attract from other categories due to so many people already viewing a slot streamer who is view botting to see what all the fuss is about etc.
Your favourite streamer offline? Try soon they will be there :)
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Your favourite streamer offline? Try soon they will be there :)
source wikipedia

"DLive is an American video live streaming service which was founded in 2017. It was purchased by BitTorrent in 2019. Due to the site's lax enforcement of prohibited content guidelines, DLive has become a popular alternative to YouTube and Twitch among white nationalists, conspiracy theorists, neo-Nazis, and other extremists The site is also used by gamers as an alternative to Twitch.[5]"
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Fully agree with @PMKFRUITPRO on this one... it stinks to high heaven. For a number to be legitimately that big, he'd need to be holding a decent stake of er... stake, or revshare against literally billions of dollars of losses.

More plausible, remembering that he has frequently stated what he has "won" or "lost" on equal footing with actual affiliate payments - that $360m could quite easily be affiliate payments + monopoly money credits for playing with. So that's the amount he has "received" (and grabs the attention of less reputable streamers willing to sell their soul), but the actual amount he has received would then be significantly lower (but still many millions) - and much less likely to be disclosed.

Similarly with the $70m+ "given away" - I can imagine most of that is bonus funds with wagering requirements or similar that has little to no cash value - with a few genuine amounts thrown in for clickbait ("A gives B $100k for C" type headlines you've seen from time to time) to attract new viewers. Easy soundbite to make when the money isn't coming out the other side - much like the soundbites from the WH "Strike Gold" (£10.5m btw) or VS "Weekend Booster" promotions.

So as long as it's sites that are "regulated" people can still stream? That's what I got from it anyway, Is there anything new since?
Pretty much, most of the "twitch banned gambling" crowd were streamers moaning that they were getting restricted and spreading misinformation for further clickbait and drama-farming. The casino/slots category expanded significantly when the monopoly money crowd jumped on board, and similarly the category has contracted significantly when they were booted off - just like it did when illegal and/or rigged CSGO skin gambling websites popped up a few years prior.

If things settle down, Twitch may not need to add any more rules for the time being - they will need to keep monitoring though to continue banning the viewbot channels and people trying to edge the rules - one example trying to conform with the rules by displaying the casino licence number on-stream, alas "JAZ" is the wrong answer.

I do expect Twitch will need to clamp down on inactive streams promoting a far-right streaming platform though - that's some PR they really don't want!
There is scam ongoing on twitch channel called drakelivestake, 48 hours almost, its same video just reruning....
And the scam part.... there is link to some site... and in short scam is so stupid and says: (but probarly many stupid ppl lost their BTC and ETH):
"SEND 0.1 min to 5 BTC max to this adress we instantly will send double of that."

I reported channel yes, but it is still on :p
I reported channel yes, but it is still on :p
Looks like it's banned now. Twitch do seem fairly responsive to reports currently, but only bot channels seem to trigger the actioned email because they tend to get banned in a matter of minutes (others can be hours, partners tend to get more - sometimes too much - leniency). Hopefully that responsiveness continues!
Was looking around quickly last night and trying to catch up on the tech side of it as not been on there for years, where does the time go! A few streams going but with way less traffic, kinda back when first started many years ago. I am leaning toward just doing videos with the odd hangout stream. Mostly cause of time issues, trying to find where I will have hours to play a day which has been impossible. Even next week when I am off, going to be a jammed pack week but going to fit some playing in there. :)
It has been a few weeks, and while things have calmed down significantly on Twitch, the battle is far from over:
  • The viewership of /slots (80%) has recovered a little but is still significantly down on pre-ban numbers mainly due to the viewbots pushing the fake x stake x drake streams but things are a lot more sensible than they were two months ago. Given how many times that channel has been banned and set up from a new account and/or location, whoever is behind it (whether the casino itself, an affiliate, or someone else) is clearly making a concerted effort to keep that stream visible.
  • The viewership of /virtualcasino (20%) has increased slightly above pre-ban numbers, mainly due to a mixture of fake viewbot channels and a proliferation of Russian streaming partnerships. This was always going to be a question mark for the new rules, because in a grey market it may not be illegal to play or offer such services and thus the only rule left is the "consumer protection" strand, which is one for Twitch to adjudicate on.
So the big question was what happened to the previous wave of streamers, many of which are now restricted from streaming slots on Twitch:
  • a bunch of them are still active on the previously named far-right streaming platform, but viewership (12k at the time of writing) is a fraction of what it was on Twitch
  • a recent development (yesterday) is that one of the headline names of the previous wave of monopoly money streamers is now setting up his own streaming platform, paying insane creator splits (95% share) and other too-good-to-be-true perks... I can't imagine why, oh wait, it's bankrolled by the casino...
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Trainwreck’s new platform is owned by— wait for it…. STAKE. That’s why Kick is paying insane creator splits, they’re owned by an offshore casino lmao. And it’s the reason train is moving, to continue the Stake cash cow. I wonder why Train didn’t tell people that 🤔
Id like to see a lot of the streamers charged and thrown in prison. I was a streamer on twitch and I had to be very careful and work hard to get some deals so I didnt lose my ass. I have lost $900+$600 in bonus in 6 hours before on 50 cent about 6-8 hours.

And these scumbags doing $2-$100 spins all day long? Put perfume and lipstick on them all and throw them in prison.

I know exactly what all these dirt bags are doing. I have had hundreds of offers from crypto, licensed and non licensed. They fund my account with casino money and cap cashouts at like $300 per stream. I literally have hundreds of emails of these offers.

"We will load your account with $1000. You play and at end of the stream after you wager 5x, if there is any profit, you get a maximum of $300 per stream".

This is what all these dirt bags are doing. All of them.

All streamers should be forced to show every deposit and withdraw and announce the deal they have. Because the amount of people who have lost everything because they thought its normal to do $2-$100 spins is outrageous.

Because I only played with real money, sometimes people would hound me for doing $1 spins and demand I raise my bets.

I hope these streamers christmas trees burn down and the only visit they get from a big old dude, is in the middle of the night in prison
"We will load your account with $1000. You play and at end of the stream after you wager 5x, if there is any profit, you get a maximum of $300 per stream".

This is what all these dirt bags are doing. All of them.
Thanks for being so candid about the type of offers you received.

Suspending reality for a minute, if streamers mentioned that was the deal, that they're showing off some slots for a sponsor, and they get to keep X amount or X% of the winnings... at least they would have a shred of honesty - but very quickly people would realise that it was monopoly money when they're doing $10-100 a spin with a $300 capped cashout. I can't imagine people would watch a stream with "demo mode" in big letters.

By omitting that information, or worse talking nonsense like "streamer money" as a deflection, people naively think that it's real. Plenty of people still (!) think the big names were playing with real money, despite losing their net worth multiple times over (at EV) already.

I know there's been a lot more legal focus on the crypto side of the equation of late, hopefully they'll start looking into this too - many countries cover false representation or making false statements as an act of fraud... so these monopoly money streams aren't out of the woods yet.
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Either way the agenda of those streamers (dragging fresh meat into slot gambling) is already damaged by the fact that the "fake" narrative is spreading around the scene.

The best times for streamers are long gone. It's only a matter of time before regulators introduce new rules or ban this nonsense.
Stake Casino is Not Recommended at Casinomeister

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