Blockchain proof that AyeZee is fake gambling. Casinos are straight up sending him money.


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Nov 17, 2021
Wow so basically these billion dollar companies are hiring "talent" to just promote their site? I dont even know who's worse in this situation. AyeZee or these scam organizations.

And yes that's what this comes down to. WIth the majority of streamers with any following base thats how it boils down. It's fast and quick promotion of casino's where the streamer has zero financial risk. I mean he's getting paid to promote or play slots and often a affiliate percentage even can be taken into such deals.

Its the same as people who say "this streamer is doing it with his own money" while on the other hand being given that money. And thats often the deal. A percentage of lets say 100k a month they can keep, but within the lines they have to play / deposit 60% of that usually back to the casino.

Its to avoid issues with legislation really. Casino's cant just hand out free money to play anymore. But they can hire someone, cook up a contract, with for example You will stream 20 hours a week promoting our brand Y, we'll give you 100.000$ for in return, on which a minimum of 40 to 60% needs to flow back into the casino in terms of deposits.

Here's where these lies comes from, where streamers claim to have done real deposits but as within the first video, ayezee gets that money paid by the casino before he deposits it back into the casino. Really its such a scam. And wrong from various reasons.

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