Nobody Takes Amex


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Aug 28, 2004
in a town i rather not be
I Searched And Search For A Casino That Would Take My Amex

Read Lots Of Outdated Stuff In The Search Engines
Finally I Found A Casino That Takes Amex
Called Support And Was Told I Had To Call Back The Next Day
I Did Only To Be Told Amex Is Not Accepted.

Man Did I Save Alot Of Money This Weekend. I Got To The Point That I Didnt Care Who Took Amex As Long As I Can Play Id Be Happy

So If Anybody Out There Really Knows Of Such A Place That Takes Amex Ill Put 25 In Your Account
My only suggestion is to request a cash advance, fund your bank account, then use firepay or netteller to fund the casino through your bank account.
I normally use a credit card because of the protection it offers if something goes wrong. Guess in the USA it is difficult to use cards as most companies ban spending at gaming sites.

I also have an amex card but have never seen a casino offer this as a deposit method.
Amex is not as popular as VISA or Mastercards! It isn't even accepted everywhere for shopping. It is a hopeless task trying to find a casino that accept Amex. Good luck!

Look at the bright side, you won't be throwing money away!

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