NINE DAY wait for Firepay deposits?? (Europa Casino)


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Aug 14, 2004
I deposited to Europa Casino via Firepay, won some money (for a change!) and withdrew. I received a confirmation e-mail, all was swell, then received another e-mail including this:

Thanks for choosing Europa Casino.

Because you previously deposited via FirePay, Citadel or INSTADEBIT, there is a pending period before the funds are actually received by the Casino. The length of this clearance period is dependant on the method as follows:

FirePay deposits -- 9 days to clear
Citadel deposits -- 9 days to clear
INSTADEBIT deposits -- 5 business days to clear

We must therefore wait the relevant amount of time to receive confirmation that your deposits have cleared efore processing your withdrawal.

NINE DAYS?? This is the first time I have ever encountered this. Is this standard practice? And if so, why isn't it disclosed when you go to MAKE the deposit (rhetorical question)?

I pointed out that I had deposited many times the lousy $100 in the past and my funds have always cleared, but received the same canned response.

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