New RTG casino, with a guarantee??


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Mar 29, 2002
I was looking at this new RTG casino and reading the 'about us' page, I found this interesting tidbit...

All accounts are 100% insured and all games are independently tested by Safebet for accuracy and fairness.

This is intriguing to me. I wonder who is insuring these accounts and what exactly they are insured against?? :confused:

Anyone know anything about them, Bryan, Spear, Jetset?
This is a strange one. Besides all of the goofy ad-copy about being in some gambling mecca (Costa Rica? C'mon give me friggin' break). And the old Safebet "legally licensed and fully insured" crap that even RTG laughs about, they are on the same server as which I checked out not too long ago here:

At the time logoncasino was running Avogic software, but it looks like they've switched to RTG. In doing so, they've done a sloppy job at it. My guess is that they swiped some of the ad-copy from an old RTG site. The Safebet reference is a dead give-away that they are way out of touch with reality.
By the way, what's "whitejack?" Did I miss a new RTG game, or what?

...where you will be able to play the most prominent casino games including whitejack,...
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I didn't even notice that part. WTF is whitejack?? Its not in any RTG list of games I've ever seen!

I did chuckle when I read the safebet part though :lolup:

I'd love to know about the insured account part though. Since insurance usually covers you in the event of a loss, does this mean that if I lose my money, I can get it back?? Sounds great to me! :D
jpm said:
I didn't even notice that part. WTF is whitejack?? Its not in any RTG list of games I've ever seen!

It's a mistake according to their "live chat".

Damn, and I thought there was a new release of RTG games!
I found it, here's the new whitejack game and you can play it for free!

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I hope you tried a few games so you see all the cute (and VERY non-p.c.) messages you get based on the outcome of the game.
Yes, I tried. That program likes Aces of Spades. One hand I got 10 Aces of spades in a row to get to 21 (I was not even afraid to hit 20), right after that the dealer also got 8 Aces of spades to 17.
from Old / Expired Link ,

"How can I be sure the games are fair?

- All games must pass testing by engineers from Princeton University and must undergo extensive testing for fairness and accuracy from RealTime Gaming's Quality Assurance Department prior to being released to the public. "

LOL - where do you guys finds sites like the rubberlama/whitejack!!?

Bryan's right - this insurance BS is standard RTG boilerplate copy widely used on their licensee sites. It goes hand in hand with the "legally licensed" bit - in Costa Rica? Yeah, right.

I tried for years to get an explanation (like what sort of insurance, underwritten by whom etc) and the closest I ever got was from some hack at one of their casinos who told me that it was up to the individual casino other words of no sincere force or effect.

That, allied to their gambling expertise in naming their games (not) would warn we away from this place to start with...and that's not even getting into the Logon Casino part!
Yeah, this is definitely someplace to stay clear of, at least until they have a decent track record.

Though that insurance deal sure is tempting! :lolup:

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