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Hi!!! i am new here !! Lets be friend!

Welcome to Casinomeister! 🙂

If we can be of any assistance please feel free to ask. If it's something of a private nature then a Private Message would probably be best.

A few areas of the site you might want to check out:

In case you need us to look into a casino issue for you:

And, of course, the house rules:

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you created 2 accounts? This is not allowed

I mean what gave it away to me was the space you put before the "!" but then I saw your name also had fortune in them. So your upto something I think.

new member intro - Casinomeister Forum

@DreamRJ : For the record it's best to leave the sleuthing on such things to us and/or use the Report system to flag such things for us mods to deal with:

The issue is that making mistakes with such things is detrimental to the forum vibe and, as appears to have happened here, scares off the newbies. So yeah, please Report and leave it to us. Thank you.

- Max

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