Mr vegas / videoslots withdrawal problem

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PS isn't a bad casino - it is a poorly designed one tho IMO and glitchy as F - you said about the chests? Sometimes it pops up error and you need to refresh 5 times before you see what you won....very, very glitchy .

Same group as Sky but more generous - got quite a few free fivers with low wagering for playing but then levelling up and getting 5 FS on some shitty Cashzuma game doesn't invoke moments of joy. Overall, the rewards aren't bad - they're just not overly great.
Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 13.54.10.png
Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 13.54.22.png
I think that would be you - you done a stirling job in ruining the NLC thread, from a Nov 21 sign up, that's quite the job

Sure even their rep would call you a moron
you are the first N Ireland with Idiot reward 😂 I am sure you are the only one in N. Ireland Congrats 😂
what a shitshow of a casino this is.
first my documents suddenly vanish and when i resubmit the exact same ones, they arent good enough now.
Turning into jumpman is this lot
to be honest i have to agree it’s a shame as well but it does feel like they are going a bit rogue i think people who are on forums can get stuff dealt with cos maybe some of the reps micro manage these accounts but people who aren’t on forums haven’t a leg to stand on there’s hundreds of complaints about verification littered across internet i may be wrong with the rogue comment though maybe it’s a staff issue all i know is they need to fix the problems
Havent had any problems here either at VS with verfying my stuff through the years
Actually vent through my first ever SOW there last friday verified in couple of hours 🙂
Award winning Videoslots is reviewed by Casinomeister

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