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it seems Montana Disputes doesn't want or just can't force RTG casinos to obbey his decisions.
i cashed in an amount of 1235$ in Windows casino back in May 2005.
after not getting any respond to my emails from the casino, i sent a dispute to Montana (as the casinomeister recommended to do in case you expirience probelms with RTG casinos). they discussed it for a while and in the end they announced me that their findings were in my favor and told me the casino had sent a check for me.
the check hasn't arrived and i told them that in which they said the casino would send a new check and also the second and the third checks haven't arrived.
i told them i beleive the casino is "playing" with me and they told me - guess what? (yes , you were right!) the casino would send a new check which of course is yet to arrive since November 2005.
it is so obvious that the checks system is another way to spend time saying there was a technical probelm and a new check should be sent and so on and on. if a casino really want to pay it can do it by simply paying directly to my Neteller account.
btw, i sent a PAB to the meister about it on December but no answear yet. instead i was suprised to see that he took Windows casino out from
his black list.


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I met with Remy Hamoaui during ICE in London back in January. Remy is RTG's Manager of Account Services and told me I could refer any cases with Montana to him, to speed things along. If you are happy for me to, I can send Remy an email to look into this for you. Send me a PM or email to, stating your casino account ID and any reference number provided by Montana. Alternatively you could ask Bryan to do so. Let me know either way!

If Montana have already ruled in your favour, I expect Remy can be asked to apply pressure on Windows using his position at RTG to pay you out.


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Pinababy69 said:
The Windows group has been taken over by the Wager Junction group of casinos. My suggestion would be to send a PM to the rep on board here. I've included a direct link to his PM box for you. Good luck!!
Or you can contact him via Instant messaging in his profile.

I did reply to you stating that I didn't handle Windows complaints, but I would be contacting Montana on your behalf. They hadn't gotten back to me. But since then - Windows has changed hands. Greg is their affiliate manager and major complaint handler.

I'll PM him with your casino user name and perhaps he can get started on this right away.


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Pinababy69 said:
The Windows group has been taken over by the Wager Junction group of casinos. My suggestion would be to send a PM to the rep on board here. I've included a direct link to his PM box for you. Good luck!!
So that's why I never receive anymore emails from "Tony Friedman". I guess I haven't read Casinomeister enough lately or I would have noticed that story. Gee, there sure are a lot of buyouts all the time. Musical chairs.

So Wager Junction is the Geisha Lounge people? That sounds encouraging. They seem like a pretty good group. Wasn't there another Windows sister casino somewhere? Was it Magic Oasis or something like that? Will these casinos go onto Casinomester's accredited list pretty soon?


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If you don't come right with the King Sol people let me know and I'll see if one of my contacts at RTG can assist, Chaham. In the meantime, for information this was in Casinomeister News on March 3 this year:

3 March 2006

But these acts need cleaning up

The RTG-powered King Solomons online casino group, which includes the King Solomans, Geisha Lounge and Grand Aces casinos with affiliates mustered through Wager Junction has announced the acquisition of Tony Friedman's Windows Casino Group, whose portfolio includes the Windows Casino and online casinos such as Gold Key, Portofino and Magic Oasis.

No details of the consideration paid for the new acquisitions were given.

The move will need to be accompanied with some spring cleaning if the player community is to regard the enlarged group as credible; there have been numerous incidents involving these casinos and the supporting e-gaming commission, and rogue status has been given on some watchdog sites.

Among recent sins has been the unauthorised display of the eCOGRA seal by Magic Gold Casino when this operation had not even applied for the initial inspections. Recent rumours have also suggested that payout percentages certification may be outsourced to the OPA, which does not enjoy wide professional acceptance.

First established in 1998, King Solomons will now place all the products of the new conglomerate under the same management policies and standards as the rest of the group. According to marketing manager Keren Fuchs King Solomans group now owns and operates 10 different online casino brands alongside several online Bingo and multiplayer poker brands.


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paul1 said:
...Will these casinos go onto Casinomester's accredited list pretty soon?
This is a pretty tricky thing, but probably not. Mainly because of the history of Windows casino and its tarnished name. They received the "Worst Casino Group" award for 2005 and were doing devious crap right up to the time of the switch over. Nope, too many bad memories.

Also bear in mind, this is a branding site - not so much of a marketing site. I have to consider that by bringing a casino group with such a crappy history would devalue the Casinomeister brand - which directly affects the other casinos that have been on board here. I'm not prepared to do cross that bridge.


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River nile and Golden Riviera used to be godawful and were then taken over by a reputable group. I'm not aware of any recent complaints about them so maybe theres hope for Windows et al.

Good point Cm makes about 'branding' and I can well see why he wouldn't want to be associated with these names, even if behind the scenes things have changed. Pretty bizarre that KS want to damage their brand by buying these though