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Apr 4, 2005
Hi... I have just acquired an Orange SPV C500 (in the US this phone is known as the Audivox SMT5600) smart phone, which runs Windows Mobile 2003. I'm keen to gamble on the move, so does anyone know if any major casinos let you play with your normal casino account while mobile? It seems that something like blackjack should work pretty well on a small screen.
There are a few Mobile Casinos starting to pop up now - Microgaming have teamed up with Spin3 and there are a couple already out but games are limited. I've come across 4 in my research so far - Ladbrokes, Win7, Winward and Vegas Magic. The former 2 are MG while the latter 2 are proprietary. I wrote up some reviews a few recently and they're looking promising :)

MG have released Treausre Nile, BJ, a 3 line slot and JoB VP so far.


This front is moving up quite fastly this year. Lots of partnerships have been signed with various companies.

Other than that 7Win7 does not exist anymore and the Microgaming mobile games (with Treasure Nile progressive :thumbsup: , blackjack etc...) are now to be found at Wild Jack Mobile Casino, which has been recently launched. Also, SlotLand started offering their mobile games this month (or last month), and there's also GigaSlot who is offering mobile slots since a long time.

I believe the mobile casinos have quite a good potential. What do you think? That's quite funny to play blackjack anywhere you want! I am sure that the futur developments will lead to more great games and a stable, easy-to-use technology.
The m-gaming business has definitely been attracting a lot of action this year with many companies starting to come to notice like Mfuse, Spin3-Gamewire, Chimera, Zone4Play, Phantom Fiber, TBR Entertainment, Cellectivity, Mobvision and Abiro, Probability Games, MFORMA, EGET, Orange, Mobile Pioneer and Monstermob coming to notice and working with online gambling entities that are perhaps more familiar to us.

At the recent EIG Simon Holliday of GBGC gave an excellent research-based statistical presentation on the market that included a reference to m-gaming. Apparently the penetration is already 15 percent and that could climb to 27 percent in a much bigger online gambling market by 2010.
I signed up with "wild jacks", following some promo from All Slots.

Absolutely *dreadful* performance... I was getting about three spins out of the slots before a connection error, and video poker was nigh on impossible. Persevered for a couple of days before losing the will to live and deleting the games from my phone.

There's a long way to go technology wise on this before it becomes even nearly bearable. Real shame, as the games themselves looked really good.
maxfalcon said:
...SlotLand started offering their mobile games this month (or last month), and there's also GigaSlot who is offering mobile slots since a long time...


Slotland use Gigaslot platform. I have good relationship with GigaSlot. Reputable.

There is still many wireless casino without help (settings, etc, etc).
I made helpful topic to Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) about GigaSlot
I have good relationship with GigaSlot.

Yeah! I've seen your username several times in their winners contest charts if I remember well! :thumbsup:

Slotland use Gigaslot platform.

Exact. I've seen the similarities between the two slots when they launched the games. Are GigaSlot and SlotLand owned by the same person? If not, a good move for SlotLand would be to purchase GigaSlot to acquire their mobile customer base.

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