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Apr 4, 2005

The Roulette Royale jackpot hit yesterday.

I thought I would have a look at the payout of this game.

$1 side bet:

Same number twice, $15.
Same number three times, $300
Same number four times, $3000
Same number five times, jackpot.

The same number twice will occur every 37 spins, 3 times, every 1369 spins, four times 50,653 spins, five times, 1,874,161 spins

Therefore if you wagered 1,874,161 spins you would expect:

50,653 * $15 = $759,795
1369 * $300 = $410,700
37 * $3000 = $111,000

1 * jackpot

Total is $1,281,495, plus whatever the jackpot is.

Yesterdays jackpot was the highest ever $437,800. However, even this ripe jackpot only represented a return of 91.7%. This is worse than any non-progressive game they offer.

The average jackpot is $230k, so on average the game is returning only 80%!!!

This is a rip-off. Any ideas whether the other progressives are as bad as this?

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