Merkur Slots - Any recommendations?


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Jun 13, 2006
I've noticed a bit of good feedback for these. However, they all seem a bit drab and prosaic, and kinda odd.

I've played a few without any results. Hell, the Jester one bent me over a banquet table, and simultaneously shafted me and took my deposit. While juggling flaming axes.

Any to play/avoid?


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Dec 5, 2013
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Im a big fan of merkur slots, well some of them anyways because their bonus rounds rarely give 1x or 5x like most netent or mg slots tend to do :p

Magic mirror, Odin, Fire of Egypt (extremely high variance) and i really like most of their 5 liners but those are also very high variance. Ive had as much as 48 dead spins, in 50 autospins on Fire of egypt so you should probably keep that in mind :)

Mind you most of their slots are on the upper side of variance scale, but some are just brutal and can be very tilty so if tilt (or anger) management is not your forte, merkur is probably not for you ^_^

Ah and whatever you do, dont play Horseman.

Not sure if you are able to play new merkur slots, but that Heat something one is actually quite nice too.

edit: after some more thinking there are another few worth a mention

Eye of Horus
Books & Bulls
Book of romeo and julia