marktg VS Bovada


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Mar 15, 2016
Id like to warn everybody to avoid They are sleezy criminals that dont like winning players.

I reside in Australia but I usually spend at least three months of the year in the USA because of my work.

A friend recommend Bovada to me because they had some great lines for live betting on a sport I follow.

The read the terms and conditions and there was no requirement that a new member should be a US citizen or
permanent resident. At the time I was residing in the USA so it seems there was nothing to stop me joining.

My first few deposits of a couple of thousand dollars lost and Bovada said nothing and took the money.
I redeposited and then ran up a $20,000 profit. Bovada shut my account and requested Docs. I provided them.

They then requested I call them and had there accounts manager rudely interrogated me as if he was the head of the FBI.
I asked him to show me which of the terms and conditions id broken. He stammered around and finally all he could
produce was using a VPN. Over 90% of my log ins were from a USA cell phone using the 4g network. There were a couple
of logins from my laptop were the VPN was running unfortunately. So based on this he confiscated my $20,000 profit and refunded
my deposit.

I was outraged and went to Karnawake gambling commission the administrator of the indian nation where this scam company is based.
They were rude unprofessional and totally one sided. They never even asked for my side of the story and just ruled in Bovadas favour.

Here is Bovadas scam.. If you are a sharp player that manages to beat their lines they will try to fault you on any detail and steal your profits.
If you lose they will just not bother to check you out and keep the money.

For example if they were fair about their using a VPN rule you could make a bet and if it loses then just log in with a VPN.
This should void the user agreement and force them to return your deposit.
Of course this would never happen which demonstrates the scam they are running.
They will only use the VPN clause to steal money from winning players.

Avoid Them.
Stay Away run for the hills. You have no rights once you give them your money.
They can just do what they please.



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Jan 20, 2004
FYI your PAB against Bovada has been cancelled per the Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ, item 2.6.

Later: and on further reflection I'm changing the thread title. "Bovada stole $20,000 ..." is totally inappropriate given that the OP had tried to threaten Kahnawake into helping him get a favourable settlement.
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Dec 30, 2015
Moscow, Russia
Sorry about that and wish you better days..... I know you have already unsuccessfully contacted the regulator but you could have been a little bit more patient and gave the PAB a chance....I understand the casino would've leveraged the idea that KGC have ruled in their favour but you never know...


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Mar 15, 2016
The title of my post was accurate


If you dont want to champion my cause with the PAB thats ok with me. But I cant understand why you changed the title of my post.
I didnt hear anything from you and just assumed that the PAB did not work.

Im about 99% sure that Kahnawake or Bovada will not change their mind about me anyway. My money is gone.
Im not attempting to blackmail them.
By making the post Im trying to warn everybody else not to trust these to two organisations after they stole from me.
I'll never get my money back but at least if they lose some business I might sleep better at night.

The title of my post was accurate and my story needs to be told. They way that both organisations treated me was truly horrendous.

Kahnawake's response was a totally one sided unprofessional joke. I have all the emails from them saved if you dont believe me.

I just want to get the word out to people not to do business with either of these entities.



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Apr 23, 2016
Processing Of FUNDS Issue

Anyone else part of Bovado On-Line Casino's pay out "processing" problems that they experienced in Mid March?
Lots of lip service from them and some comp. bucks but no one there can give ANY indication as to where in the queue my payout from MARCH 17th is!! Multiple replies ranging from within 3 days to we have no idea, stop asking.
They continue to reassure me that my funds are safe : )
Bovado has been prompt on other pay-outs so I was just wondering how many other people this Mid March processing issue involved?
Apparently a lot folks since my few grand has been in line for re-processing for 35 Business Days.