Maria Casino problem, how would you react?


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Hi! The 24th of jan i played at maria casino...i played the game "Crime Pays", i got the bonus which is a picking feature. On step 3 (Of 5) the game freezes, and i cant click the back button. I have sent screenshots etc. My money is now stuck in the game. They say that they are awaiting an answer from WMS but i think enough time has passed. I asked for a little compensation and the problem would be set, for me atleast. But they wont budge.

It is irritating because its now over 2 weeks, closing in on 3 weeks. Why not just credit me with a sum and everyone´s happy? I am a loyal customer there, for now...


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Yes that is bad and I understand your concern, if it was me I would be doing the same.

Seems like it is more WMS's fault than Maria casinos here but you were playing the game at Maria and they are your point of contact so I think it is legitimate to be wanting them to bring this to a conclusion.

I find Maria a great casino btw, although my contact with front line support when I have had to do it in the past has not been great either. I think unibet own Maria so try pming this guy - I think he is high up there.

Let us know when its sorted, like I said I think they are a good casino so I am sure it will be :thumbsup:
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If the game freezes its not the casinos fault so they have to wait back for developer to try and find a fix.

Back in the time Ladbrokes was a great casino I was playing hitman when game froze. Every time I tried reloading game it was still stuck in bonus round. Ladbrokes were great in fact they kept me up to date and even gave me a free bonus for the hassle but they could do nothing till microgaming sorted a fix. Every week they were asking me to try different things but in end it took several months to fix the problem and let me finish the bonus round.

I know a couple of weeks seems a long time but as its probably only you that's had it happen to it can take the creators months like it did for me to finally find a solution that gets it working again. At the time I was only person Ladbrokes had heard of where game had frozenand to my knowledge ive never heard it happening to anyone else at any other casino since on hitman.


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Good tings spoken about Maria so I think you will be ok, It is annoying having to wait low, Why not compensate with some free chip?

I had the same trouble on starburst (at slottyvegas) I got 10 free spins and spin from last it froze & I had 3 wild lines :mad: no matter what I did it would not work, I know netent was trying to fix the problem as every time I looked the reels had changed and when told it was fixed the game round started again 1 wild than 2 & 3 than bang again just dead, Eventually netent cleared the game so I nether did get to finish my 3 wild line,