Mansion casino denies no-bonus account!


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May 9, 2005
European Union
I have recently downloaded and installed the new playtech Mansion casino and directly asked for my account to be negative to any kind of bonus so that I could play free any game without WR.

Guess what? They don't accept that! :eek:
I have to accept by force a bonus and play with wagering requirements and of course restricted games :eek2:

I couldn't believe this so I thought to ask again by email the support team.
They indeed verified that I can't play without a bonus.
Its their policy for new players. :lolup:

Its the first time that it happens to me, so I thought to publish this thread and ask your opinion on this case. It seems very strange to me...
Any ideas?

(also they should not advertise all the included games on their pages since some of them are restricted by the forced bonus and new players cant actually play them unless they want to lose their deposit anyway) :clap:


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Jan 18, 2007
Absolutely amazing! If this is indeed true, no reason to doubt it, they should be blessed by a million camel fleas and 2,000 bonus players per day.

While the rest of the industry should be moving away from the bonus inducement, carnival show kind of player recruitment, some just get more and more stupid by the minute.

Bodog, PP, and gfed do similar crap (or did, and you may have been able to deny the bonus). But REQUIRE bonus use? Garbage casino, absolutely stupid imo.

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