MadBonus casino=MadRIGGED!


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Sep 12, 2003
I know many of you already know that Madbonus casino is rigged but I still need to vent. They offer a standard 300 dollar match bonus with 10x wagering requirements. Over the labor day weekend they had a special where they gave an extra 150 with absolutely no wagering requirements. I made the rare exception and did no research because I assumed that with a single deck blackjack game with $1 minimums, even if they did cheat I was guaranteed a profit. BOY WAS I WRONG! I played 7 different sessions on different days and at different times but it was the same result. Only winning 10-25% of the hands, outrageous dealer 21s and blackjacks. Once he drew to 21 5 out of 6 hands, the other being a fuggin blackjack! I absolutely couldn't believe it, it was like playing a slot machine. I had to be dealt over 50 stiff hands in a row at one point. I also noticed that some hands were cycling,i.e. I was being dealt the exact same hands in a cycle. I have been playing online since '98 and never experienced anything like this. Never again can I complain about Microgaming! Get this, I deposited 300 and got an extra 450 for 750 total and only needed to wager 6000 to cash out on a blackjack game with only a miniscule -.12% house edge. How in the hell could I have possibly lost the entire bonus before wagering 3000?!? I feel like such an idiot and I haven't gambled since and I'm seriously considering giving the whole thing up. If I had used a credit card I would have charged it back! Has anyone ever made a dime at this place? Get this, I also found they have the most lucrative comp program around. They give you a dollar for every 200 wagered. Thats equal to .5% player advantage. So when it was all said and done I lost 100 when I theoretically shouldn't have lost a penny! Whats the moral? Don't ever assume that a bonus is big enough to override a cheating casino!

Unfortunately too many gamblers don't research before they play. Sorry to hear you did your b#lls, but rigged software is rigged software.

Why would you think you stood any chance of winning, even on reflection. How did you fund this account?
21king, this group is associated with elka systems/ecashpay, check out the thread about $200,000 lost in an instant under complaints, this is the same group. I once played their BJ for fun and won almost every hand after hearing about this group. Teasing one into depositing i guess. I even got on live chat and the CSR to see what they had to say they said "no one is here to help this weekend, they are on holiday" what a joke, sorry about your experience.
I funded the account via neteller. Yes, looking back I should have realized, and actually did realize, that it seems to good to be true. But I said to myself "even if they are fudging the odds here and there, I'll still make a profit." I had no idea the rigging would be so obvious and blatant. Oh well, you live and you learn...

Not that I'm saying this will help you in anyway, but have you condisered contacting neteller?

Here is an e-mail addy of the head of security over there he seems like a pretty aproachable chap; personally posted to this thread :

Maybe drop him an e-mail explain the situation & then tell him to come past and view some info here about & Elke software.

Anything is worth a try in my book, when it's concerning a player who's been robbed!
I appreciate your help. I seriously considered this but came to the conclusion it could cause even more problems down the road. Like people who charge backed cc deposits years ago and haven't been able to deposit anywhere since. Since neteller is the only funding method I use, I decided to just take the loss and learn the tough lesson. I still haven't gambled online again and don't know when I will again. I'm hoping that it eventually becomes legal in the U.S. so that I can be sure of honest play.

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