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Oct 26, 2004
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Long time reader, first time poster. Just wanted to know if anybody has every played here. I opened an account but couldn't deposit using neteller. I sent support an email but while i'm waiting to hear back just wanted to check and see if anybody else has had any problems using neteller. BTW i'm from Canada (don't hold it against me), could this be a reason why they don't accept neteller?

Thanks for the feedback!
--- As far as I am aware, you cannot use netteller from canada. And no, I will not hold it against you :) On condition that you get me and my family to come live with you FOREVER. :p
uuhh it's strange ,last month i deposit using neteller (i'm french) and this month i don't see the neteller option for deposit or withdraw ,it's the same at their poker room :confused:
I have played there regularly (though not so much in the last month) and NETeller always worked for me. They do insist you have deposited at least 20 via NETeller before you can withdraw. All handled by Ecash. Last used NETeller there about 4 weeks ago - no problem.
Thanks for the info........i was under the assumption that Canadian players were allowed to use neteller but like loul said the neteller option isn't there. It appears that they only accept credit and debit cards, and despite my lack of expertise in the online casino world that just seems a little strange. I can't remember ever seeing an online casino that had so few deposit options.

And are welcome to come and live with me in Canada.......just leave the family in London! :cool:
Petunia said:
--- As far as I am aware, you cannot use netteller from canada. And no, I will not hold it against you :) On condition that you get me and my family to come live with you FOREVER. :p

Do you mean you can't use it at this particular casino if you are from Canada or are you trying to say that Canadians can't use Neteller at all? I just went to the casino website and while I could not find a 'banking' page if you look at the bottom where they have all the symbols for the deposit methods there is no Neteller down there. I have never played there so other than that I can't give much info.
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I think we all know that Canadians are encouraged to use neteller at basically every online casino. What i beleive the problem may be is that some casinos that deal in pounds sterling do not allow canadians to deposit using neteller. I believe this is the case at Will Hill where canadians are allowed to use neteller to deposit US dollars but are not allowed to use neteller to deposit in pounds sterling. Littlewoods deals only in pounds sterling so i'm assuming that for this reason they do not allow canadians (and possibly US customers as well) to deposit using netelller. I have yet to hear a confirmation from Littlewoods support but this the best explanation I could come up with.
Actually I just got off the phone with Littlewoods customer service and was informed that they took out the Neteller Deposit option for anyone, not just Canada about a week ago. They said to use another method. Anytime you have a question for a casino that involves banking, use the toll free phone numbers instead of waiting for emails. If you want confirmation yourself just call them at this number:

011 800 7777 4357

That is the Canadian number to call
I play every month at Littlewwoods poker and every month used Neteller but yesterday found that Neteller was no longer available.
Also to the bonus is no longer available in the poker room.
Littlewoods banned me for being a bonus 'slut' although they keep sending me promotional offers. :what:
I thought neteller was the number 1 method for online casinos to do banking with players. Maybe there is a good or perhaps bad reason they no longer use neteller. Some caution might be in order.
Thanks to everyone for their info. I also find it a little starange that they don't wish to use neteller anymore. Could this be a method of detering people from playing at their casino?
Very strange. Not accepting Neteller cant have any positive effect on their business. I wonder if Meister or Jetset may have an answer to this.

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