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Jul 24, 2006
well, i got the email that ukbetting is no longer offering bonuses via the download version (allegedly pending movement to playtech software), and couldn't log in to the flash/chartwell version. asked support, said yes you must make a new account for instant version, and yes get the sign-up. admittedly i should have awaited confirmation before depositing and playing. but the terms are as such:

sign up bonus, wager 2000 gbp and get 100 gbp bonus. no problem i thought, so i deposit 35 gbp as i've no neteller funds to hit other better bonuses. anyway, play hours on .05 one-line vp, because min bj bet is 5 gbp and with only 35 can't risk that. so i play a ton of vp on min bets and a few at .25 (1.25 bet), mixed with a few min (5gbp) bj bets and small 1 and 2 pound bets on pai gow. anyhow, lose my deposit and email re how much i've played through. answer: a copy/paste of the bonus conditions with a nondescript wou have wagered: 310.50 at the bottom. anyhow, i reckoned that's ~800 vp min bets with the other prop bets at bj/paigow so no huge deal on the bj big min as i avoided it for that reason. i asked about the 5gbp min for bj, then they email that "we emailed all customers regarding the 2 to 5 increase in min bet, sorry for the inconvenience" so i reply "i only wanted to clarify the cashout req's for the bonus (wager 2000 to earn 100 of sticky2 btw) and not have a copy of the website t&c, i wanted an interpretation... and whatever you "told your existing coustomers" i wasn't expecting such a high limit. a few days later, i get:

Whilst carrying out an address check we were unable to validate it with the
Royal Mail's address verification check. We would be grateful if you can
confirm your full postal address to enable us to reactive your account.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Regards David

Customer Relations
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
T: 0800 808 7000 (choose option 3)
Calling from outside the UK? Please call +44 113 336 3911

of course i provided all required fields truthfully and the same as at every casino i've played. shady? does switching to playtech sour the soul in some way? i've had many playtechs pay out fine without incident, but seems mg/cyrpto > play/rtg as a rule.

i just think they are being a bit extreme since i was just whining about the stickiness and the poor game/stake selection, which i did mention explicitly that their games were disparaging to the average low limit gambler. they locked my account? i didn't try to login since but are they even worth it?

ps are ritz club offering anything? they have been busy with acquisitions etc but anyone heard tell or played there? i've yet to deposit and want to get a good sign-up deal if such is only going south from here. total has gone to slots-only before i ever got to know them and all of uk's reloads are slots-only.

shucks for us players getting cut every second joint! doesn't affect me though, and any of y'all could've draft-dodged or defected at the relevant times. but serious that law junk is shite! sites suck for shutting you out, bt their big loss...
I had that "verify your address" email from them a couple of weeks ago. I think it was because my debit card/bank has missed out a line of my address. Anyway I replied confirming my address and that was it.

ps I only play in the pokerroom, dont touch their casino.
Agree with nyfanny that if you give them the info they're after then there will be no problem. Don't think ukbetting are suddenly going to turn shady because they've went all playtech on us! Casino is only a part of their overall business so sure they don't want to sully their name over a £100 bonus that they are using to try to attract players to their new site!

Ritz has an offer on at the moment, I think you have to play £2,000 on the old crypto software this month and if you do that there will be £100 sitting in your account on the new software at the end of the month when it is launched. They have also sent email saying bonuses will continue but that their value, WR etc may change..
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