Non-Bonus Complaint La Riviera Casino - Account created without my permission !


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Apr 12, 2008
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Just received an e-mail from them - classical "you've not yet claimed your first deposit at the casino" , reminding me my account number, etc- but I never signed up with them ! Oh, wait, the account number reminds me of something .. it's my River Nile casino account number !

I'm half-surprised since the VPL group stopped taking bets from players living in France some time ago already, but didn't warned me about this change or asked me to accept the transfer.

Their support claims to be not linked to VPL group - but do not deny that they got the opportunity to get the transfer of the accounts to their casino.

First wrong step : they reseted my password to something else which seems to be an unique password they gave to every transferred account... nice security flaw, eh.