Just how Live is Live? - A Land based playing experiment


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Feb 11, 2013
Kent - England
Have you ever wondered how Live, live casino is?

I did when I first started playing, but now I've visited different studios around the world and seen for myself I'm more than happy to accept what i'm seeing is live.

However that's for studio streaming.

More and more providers are now providing live streamed roulette tables from land based casinos.

I've been looking for a way to "test" what you see online is actually the same as you see when in the casino. But getting a camera into land based casinos to record openly is really difficult.

Until now.

I managed to work some angles with Genting Casinos, to allow me to film in their casinos playing at their Dual Play Roulette tables, while also playing on my mobile. It's worked well for both of us, as I got to do my experiments and they get some publicity out of it.

The results of my experiment revealed a 1 second delay in the Manchester casino with what you see online and a 4 second delay in the Birmingham Casino.

Neither delays were significant enough to be exploited by players.

The delays were within acceptable tolerances for Evolution and Genting and are easily explained. The images, data and sound has to transverse many hops and infrastructure items to get from the table, over the internet to the device you're playing on.

If you're interested in learning more I've written up my experience and recorded some videos that you can read/watch at
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Happy to answer any questions or perhaps get ideas on more tests i could perform.



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Jan 28, 2016
Ah Genting who I caught shaving my customers a few years ago and also sent me full customer details of them all including names, addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers etc.

Nice review though :) makes a change to see a proper review rather than 90% of online reviews :)

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