refused giving 300+40 Super Spins


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Jan 29, 2019
I have been now tried to get Christmas Calendar one day tournament win, 300 Super Spins (value 1€ per spin) plus 40 Super Spins from same weekends Roaring Race tournament. It is totally frustrating to operate with them because chat is off line almost every day.. they do not answer e-mails.. and when get Rose or once Johnny contacted all I have gotten is lies and empty promises. So, here is in a nut shell a short part of my conversation with Rose and lastly reply from manager Johnny.. a warning is in its place with this kiosk. :mad:


If You'd read my and Rose's all e-mails and chats You'd noticed that I have been logged every day at Joreels.. had been asking those spins -every day- and Rose already have, several times, admitted that those spins NEVER got into my account to be claimed. So mistake was not mine.. It was YOURS.

Author: Peluri
Date: Tue, 12/25/18 11:40 pm

I was earlier Today asking Live Chat if Roaring race or Calendar tournament of 23rd day Super Spins are given as they should have Today. Chat said "Yes, they are Today at 8PM UK time.."

Well.. that time has passed and I have no Spins.. Not from Roaring race nor calendar tournament.. Second time in two weeks those spins are not given in time which Joreels itself gives. Now also Live Chat gave misleading and wrong info. Not good. ;/


My main concern is those Christmas Calendar spins; 300x Super Spins. In Your own rules it said that those are given on NEXT TUESDAY after weekend race! HOW IN EARTH THOSE CAN BE EXPIRED ON MONDAY!? And of course, like Rose admitted, I have been logged to my Joreels account also on Monday!

Another point. I have won twice those Roaring race spins.. why I did get on my first time SMS message to my phone to collect those and on second time nothing? For those 40 Super Spins.

"Rose Thu, 12/27/18 06:51:08 pm Europe/Helsinki

Hello. How may I help you?

Peluri 06:51:17 pm


Rose, sorry to bother You again, but those Super Spins from Roaring Race from last weekend and calendar spins from 23rd of Dec are still missing.. You said on Tuesday that those are to paid at that evening..

Rose 06:54:54 pm

Hi there sir. I got a response from our game providers. they said they sent an e-mail about it to you. They reviewed the bonus history of your account and i was advised that they simply expired Tuesday without you claiming it on Monday. I'm sorry but it was reviewed. It was something that was not on my system that's why when you said that you did not receive them, i thought it was simply missing. But it was not. It expired because it was not claimed sir.

Peluri 06:55:43 pm

That is bull shit.. I have been on Your site every day.. many times!

Rose 06:56:40 pm

That's what i am fighting for for you sir. and still am

Peluri 06:57:32 pm

I say, that this seems to be a grand hoax if those spins aren't there a.s.a.p.

Rose 06:57:40 pm

I understand and i'm with you on this one."

"Rose Thu, 01/10/19 09:10:35 pm Europe/Helsinki

Hello. How may I help you?

Peluri 09:10:43 pm


No response to my e-mail from day before Yesterday..

..or the spins.. :((

A week ago here chatting with You and then You were hopeful me to get those spins soon.. LoL

Rose 09:14:31 pm

Hi. yes. I followed it up with our manager, game providers. and even got in touched with the managers of the game providers and the only response i got is that they are looking at it and to please give them some time to review. i'm really sorry for the resolution taking too long.

Peluri 09:15:47 pm

Really!? I even have a screen shot showing that I won that race.. with time stamp. What there is to investigate!?!? Should be a slam dunk! Three weeks time to deliver so far..

Are You giving over all those spins to anyone or am I just a special case?

Rose 09:16:44 pm

I'll ask that as well I'm not sure what happened with your account.

Peluri 09:17:04 pm

What is the problem with my account?

Rose 09:18:15 pm

There's none. What i meant is i'll ask about what happened towards the winnings that did not reach your account."

Read carefully last sentence: "i'll ask about what happened towards the winnings that did not reach your account."


Yes, that is what happened. Those spins NEVER reached my account to claim.

If You follow even further in to the history You will find out that that 300 Spins Calendar winning was my second on December. When were that first race's winnings paid up!? Follow that up! Those weren't paid on Monday.. they weren't paid up on Tuesday as they should have been as Your own race rules.. Yes, they were paid up late. But paid after all.

Anyway I don't take Your reply as it is false. You may check out my loggings to Joreels account. You also may check out me to try to get those spins in timing which was given in Your own rules. I have done everything by the book, but still didn't get those spins. Even Your chat rep Rose admitted that I have been claiming in time and there was some error and those spins never reached my account..

And still You are, after a MONTH, saying those were given and I didn't claim the spins. No, that is not right. Like I have said to Rose that I have even a screen shot taken on 24th of December where I am logged to Joreels.. The Next day after 23rd Calendar race. And 25th I was chatting with Rose where she admitted those spins will be awarded THAT EVENING by 20.00 hours! Which never happened!

How after all this You dare to say that I did not claim those spins. Last time: because those spins were never given to me!


Joreels | CS kirjoitti 21.01.2019 kello 17:29:
> Hi, Peluri, I reviewed your account and escalated your concern
> regarding the
> winnings you're referring to. However, when i requested a detailed
> review
> on the winnings you're asking about. It shows that the winnings were
> credited to your account however, you did not use them. Meaning they
> expired prior to you asking our Customer representative. Roaring races
> winnings have a 24 hour expiration and
> If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.
> --
> Kindly,
> Johnny
> Chat Agent
> <
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After that last one I have send three e-mails, nothing. Visited daily their site to check out if live chat is online, never online. I wouldn't wonder if this place is slowly shutting its doors..

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