It's not clear from the company statements thus far whether they have completely cut the guy adrift (ie no legal fees or moral support) or whether they are simply trying to create space between themselves and the unfortunate Carruthers - that will no doubt come out later.

Pretty ruthless, though imo.
OMG! How can they do that? The guy is arrested for stuff that he alleged did while taking care of company business as usual and they dump him? :confused: Especially when it seems that Kaplan's background seems to be a key element in this entire mess....
They (the board of directors) can terminate him for CONDUCT DETRIMENTAL TO THE CORPORATION (Carruthers getting arrested and charged) and though that's a lame number to pull here it wouldn't be at all surprising to see them use that escape clause.

Have a good one.
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BetonSports case not part of a coordinated federal crackdown on the industry. - 31/07/06

US Justice Department spokesperson Jackie Leach has hinted that its actions against BetonSports are not part of a coordinated federal crackdown on the industry. Speaking to The Houston Chronicle, Leach said that the Justice Department would only pursue cases that have the strongest evidence and greatest potential for deterrence, and that the BetOnSports indictments were sealed on June 1.

The BetOnSports investigation started long before Catherine Hanaway became US attorney in July and the Justice Department lawyers in Washington had been involved from the beginning. An attorney from Justices organised crime and racketeering section is working on the case. No other US attorney offices are involved, she explained.

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