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Mar 13, 2005
I was invited by email to promotion 100% bonus up to 250.I deposited 250 in to my casino account and lost 250.Next support belle rock send me email :
Thank you for claiming your bonus at Belle Rock Gaming. Unfortunately, your claim was denied because of the following reason(s):

The account number that you submitted, 'tjcr', does not exist in the list of valid applicants.

If you have any queries, please contact our 24/7 support team
on the e-mail address or toll-free numbers below. The reference code for this promotion is 7036.

This is my invitation from bellerock:

Dear Leszek,

Join the ride as Jackpot City Online Casino takes you
on an unforgettable journey in June with this exciting
offer. We are giving you up to 250 casino credits
when you make purchases up to the value of 250
casino credits between 10 and 17 June, 18h00 EST.
These offers will definitely take you places!

For more information on this exclusive offer, go to
www.thejackpotcity.com/journey250 so you can take part in this awesome

ANY and ALL deposits made during this period and prior
to claiming will count towards your 100% bonus
(up to the 250 credit maximum).

All your promotion-period deposits can be claimed back
at www.thejackpotcity.com/journey250, using the gaming account number on
which you made your deposits:

N.B.: Please note that once you submit your claim,
subsequent deposits will not be eligible for this
promotion. Your claim will be processed within up to
72 hours!

Should you experience any difficulty claiming this
bonus, feel free to contact our 24-hour support desk
via telephone at any of the details below or use the
live web chat facility Quote promotion reference
7038 to ensure prompt resolution.

Don't delay join in our June Journey today!

Warmest regards,

Promotions and
I went thru that same problem the last two times I claimed a bonus from Belle Rock. It would take me a couple of phone calls and emails to obtain the bonus and then the customer service representative made me feel like THEY were doing me a favor by allowing me to receive the bonus which Belle Rock had emailed to me.

I believe I had to send the copy of my email I received to two different parties at Belle Rock and then I did finally get the bonus put into my account. However, I PM'd Belle Rock's customer representative who is on this forum about my problems but never did receive a reply on why all the hassle of obtaining this bonus when I received the email from Belle Rock..

Good luck and just be patient and I'm sure you'll have it credited as long as you can prove you received the email...


But i think it`s dishonest.First i was invited,next i deposited 250 and lost and they tell me promotion is not for you.
I think Vickie40 is correct.

And I don't think they denied you out of dishonesty, but some kind of mix-up.
I had a bonus emailed to me about a month ago that I claimed at Belle Rock, and was denied. I called and forwarded the email I received about the bonus offer to the person while I was on the phone with him. He clearly seen that what i said was true.. and said he would get a manager or someone to sort it out.

It took couple of hours.But he promised it would be done, and before he left, and it was.

Did you call?
You will really need patience from this group. Their customer service must be among the worst out there. It took more than a month for them to send me back my account details which I had misplaced. Their CSRs have an uncanny knack of either misunderstanding what you want from them or make you think you are talking to thin air. Eventually,I think you should get your bonus but only after a long hassle by which time you will have gotten completely fed up with it.
This is really sad. Bellerock's casinos have always been very strong brands and they have great marketing abilities. But their lack of customer service is doing serious harm to their reputation.
This place is seriously upsetting me again!
I have to sort a problem out with them and they give a **** about answering any of my emails.

God..... They replaced Golden Riviera with the award of the worst MG Casino out there!
Hi All,

Sorry for the lack of response to your posts but I have been traveling. I almost wish I had not come back :eek2:

Leszeksch; please PM your details to me for follow up.

Schankwart; please can you send me your details and an outline of the problem you are having so that I can resolve them.

Our customer service has been a problem recently, and as mentioned in previous posts we are doing everything we can to address these problems. A new call centre manager has been appointed, additional staff are being recruited and trained, and service quality is being monitored and improved. Unfortunately none of these is a short term fix as recruitment and training take time. I can however give you our assurance that we are doing every thing we can to fix this as quickly as possible, and I apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

Best regards,

Belle Rock

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