Your Input Please It's that time of year again - need your input for the 2019 Casinomeister Awards

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Casino of the Decade - for me it's 32Red.

They may no longer be the great award gathering force that they once were.
And yes, they have made some "business decisions" that many of us would deem to be "not cool".


I cannot pretend to forget all the good that they have done over the years. Things like...

The Slotmeister promotion (which ran for what....10 years?).
I was late to that particular party as I only joined CM/signed up at 32Red in late 2013.
But I can say this much.....I had a TONNE of fun taking part in that.

There was also the various freeroll tournaments they ran (Daily Avalon, Fortnightly Freerolls, World Cup 2014 among others). Again, great enjoyment was had from those.

Then there was the Dish of The Day/Christmas promos (when I was able to take them, I must confess that the day I got bonus banned at 32Red was a sad day for me).
Again, they helped me have many an enjoyable session.

I was with 32Red as a regular for only 2 years, but what a 2 years it was.
Without doubt, some of the absolute best time that I've ever had playing online slots.

Then you have the rep, Mark, who has now clocked up 11 and a half years (?) here at CM.
I'd say that's pretty noteworthy, given that we here at CM can be a pretty tough and (dare I say it) a sometimes unforgiving crowd that can be...cough.... "a tad hard to please".

Not only that, he's had to put up with a lot of criticism of the brand (some of it warranted, some of it most definitely NOT warranted) and a lack of gratitude (again, some of it totally unwarranted) from some of the membership here.
And yet...he has ALWAYS handled that "uglier side of the job" with CLASS, like a true professional.
To do what he has done for so many years deserves some credit and respect.
I know this much...if I tried to do a rep's job, I'd probably jack it in after 3 months, maybe less.
It takes a special type of individual to do that job well. And I'm not it.

In fact, I'd even go as far as to perhaps suggesting that there should be a separate category
for the Forum Member Achievement Award....a "reps only" category.
And make Mark the first rep to receive that honour.

And then finally the casino itself. It ticks a few important boxes...

CM Accredited for the entire decade - CHECK
Multiple winner of Best Casino Award (4 years running from 2010-2013) - CHECK
A still healthy AKA "not too shabby" CM rating (currently 8.8) - CHECK
No utterly ridiculous OTT SOW requests - CHECK
A hassle-free, stress-free experience when cashing out - CHECK

Yes, the pending period is a bit of a drag, I won't deny it. But for me personally, as someone who refuses to reverse on principle alone, I can tolerate that.
It didn't put me off playing at 32 Red back then, and it doesn't put me off playing at Casino Rewards now.
And it won't put me off from making a return to 32Red in the future.

So yeah.....32Red for me all the way. Despite me hardly ever playing there for the past 4 years.

Wow! I don’t blush much but what a lovely post. I promise I didn’t pay him. :)

Thanks mate.
Best casino 888

Worst casino, twin

You said casumo as the best before you edited it?

You are wasting your vote on 888, they are rogue here, and rightly so, they are dodgy as anything. You may have been paid no problem, but I would walk away from them and play elsewhere, cos if you do get a problem you won't get anywhere with 888
Casino of the Decade....missed that one. Videoslots owned a chunk of the decade for sure, but Guts and 32 Red stand out as rock solid options as well. What 32 red lacked in providers and options, Videoslots came in and stole my heart, but subsequently broke it. Guts was my first real foray into multi provider casinos and served me quite well, with an almost 7K hit on Wishmaster there, they saw a lot of my play, but again lost me to inconsistent handling of tech issues. To this day I cannot play Play n Go games in my currency, (CAD) and no ticket has or I suspect ever will be answered as to why. Recently found my way back to 32 red, and they are what they real complaints other than only 2 providers. They may not pay the quickest, but you know your money is safe and coming. CS is a touch above the rest too....I have to come full circle and suggest 32 Red/Roxy Palace (kindred) for consistently good showings year after year.
This has been the worst year of gambling for me since I started in 2008. As a Swede I only have Videoslots left that is worth playing at, so a big thank you VS for all you still do for us up here :thumbsup:

Casino of the Decade is important so I felt I had to post my thoughts about that. There are a few that have been better than others this decade.
Guts - Great casino when they started and with a great rep. We were really spoiled by them in here. Then they started to grow, became GiG, opened other casinos and their own platform. Reliable but not good enough for the decade, and neither is any of the other casinos in their group. Maybe group of the decade :)

Videoslots - What they have managed to create in the last years is outstanding in my eyes. No other casino ever have listened so much to their players,or done so much for the members of this forum. They have been and still are a casino for the normal player, and not just the VIP-player, which make them stand out a lot in a good way.
They are worthy of being the casino of the decade, and I would have voted for them, if they hadn't done this: Pretending to be just one Rep in here (Dan) while they for years were many more posting as Dan, using his name in both posts and pm's. No apology ever made.
Besides that I know that all changes they have done have been necessary for their company. It's good people behind it.

32Red - You get my vote this decade too :)
I know, it was already 2013 they stopped weekend payouts, and then later had 24 hours pending. They were still continuing with having the best rep's ever, like Pat, Jonathan and Mark.
Monthly tournament and other contests for us. Downloadable casino. In my eyes they have been above all others for this forum and I've always trusted them. The best!
You said casumo as the best before you edited it?

You are wasting your vote on 888, they are rogue here, and rightly so, they are dodgy as anything. You may have been paid no problem, but I would walk away from them and play elsewhere, cos if you do get a problem you won't get anywhere with 888
Well I will take on board what you are saying about 888 and I play once a week 20 dollar 30 max and never had a problem ,I love your honesty by say walk away now,ty ,it was casumo before I edited it correct ,well you see I had already voted 888 best a week or so ago so I went with my first vote only fair. Casumo I am max level so they would have been 1 or 2nd ,I will leave 888 as best as I stick to my word.have a good 2020
As much as that? :eek:

Granted, it is a bit....'negligible' :eek2:

Thing is I stopped factoring bonuses as a yardstick years ago, as casinos either stopped them altogether, wrapped them up in convoluted terms, or just made them utterly threadbare. But as an 'all-round' casino that keeps itself in good stead and avoids purposely shafting players like *others* round here, I fail to see how they wouldn't get a nod :cool:
You said it all there as casinos are getting more players than ever before .FREE SPINSmy dad always said beware if someone is offering you something for free he's 84 and when I said free cash .freespins his answer there's a catch which is as you said terms that make it next to impposable to your honesty
Oops, a bit late to the party.

Here are the votes of the SteveBr jury

Best Casino

Casino of the decade

Best Customer Service

Best Gaming Experience

Best Casino Rep

Special thanks must go to all the staff here at CM for keeping this place what it is, and the vast majority of the membership for their contributions. Such a great place to be!
888 you gotta be kidding! Rouge as F***
888 always payed me promptly always have bonus offers ,great site all round ,poker,sports ,slots,they are a big outfit so your bound to get something f up now and then ,this is my opinion and you have yours ,why do you think they are rougue as I always take on peeps veiws,but over the last 7 years I have found them fair,
Ok, guess who left his power cable at home when he went to the desert? lol. Just got it today, and will get busy on this tomorrow. I will create a shortlist and the voting will begin. And I will begin the mindfull task of writing up the awards. And I'll get rid of the Santa beard as well. LOL :p
Casino of the decade is Inetbet for me. Long time running , no RTG scandals as far as I know and still trustworthy for me. no...poor communication...with email as well as live chat...tricky bonus rules as well.
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