Irritated with Betcris


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
Although I have no doubt Betcris is financially strong maybe they have gotten too big. I have had a variety of issues with them the last few weeks.

First I received an email before the football season started, it was 30% bonus, half free play and half on an NFL future. They also called my house (which I HATE) to inform me of this special. I made my deposit, emailed the address that sent me the email several times and no response and emailed support no response as well.

Yesterday I requested a cashout between 10-11am, Betcris proudly claims "We cant pay you fast enough" although they do not pay out on weekends they claim same day cashouts, something that has never been an issue. I called them and gave my Neteller info (same method I deposited) and was informed there was a charge for this cashout. Hmmmmm..... See the file attatchment. See how they hide the fees in white text on light blue gray box that makes it about impossible to see? I used to use prepaidatm and had this same box but I thought it was blank just as I thought these Neteller fees were blank and I was never charged a cashout fee to PPATM, a method they no longer accept.

THEN I call at 6pm asking where my cashout that would be processed same day was knowing their accounting closes at 5pm, they said "We are doing it right now", over an hour later I call back, they say "we no longer accept PPATM and that is the method you requested.... WTF? I even gave them my Neteller info. I convince them that for their screwup that they at least owe me a free cashout, that is fine with them. I won some more money last night on Kansas City and call to add to my cashout, making it in the same cashout fee range as my previous cashout, they tell me now I will have to pay the fee, I say fine, whatever, sick of dealing with them.

About 26 hours after my original cashout request I still do not have the money, granted when I added to it I am sure I went to the back of the line but I must say I think I need to find another place to do business with.

Anyone know of a good book that does not have a cashout fee?

I cannot figure out how to post the screenshot of the Neteller page at Betcris here so it is here,
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notice in the lower left corner how the Neteller fees.

I have always been satisfied with Betcris, they have always paid promptly and kept their word. I hope this was a few isolated incidents and they can win my business back but I needed to bitch!
Oasis Casino, Pinnacle, BoDog, WSEX are all fine places, good reputations.
Here was the outcome.

Although every CSR asked me for my Neteller info the people in accounting were changing it to PPATM even though it has been several months since I made a deposit that way and had deposited by Neteller as well. Of course every CSR would say "it says I have to cash yiu out PPATM but we dont take it anymore give me your Neteller info". Finally last night I talked to someone who actually figured this out. What an unorganized mess. I did not care where the money was sent. all they had to do was tell me. It was obvious there were communication issues, last night they cashed me out and all is good.

I found it odd they forced me to cash it out PPATM when it had been 4-6 months since I used that, I am guessing they had a reserve tied up they are trying to get rid of that possible reserve. I cannot think of any other reason they would force me to cash out PPATM when I had not used it in so long and they do not even accept it anymore and have not for months.
DeMango said:
Oasis Casino, Pinnacle, BoDog, WSEX are all fine places, good reputations.
Hi! I'm new in all this and have a question - do you recommend old reputable casinos? I've read somewhere it may be good to check out the new ones, as when they are just starting they want to advertise themselves and give good bonuses.
Greetings aye-nay;
My reply concerned a request for quality sportsbooks. Some of the above do have quality casino's but that is beside the point. I just enrolled at Pinnacle yesterday. They have a 10% bonus upto $500 with only 3x wagerthrough. But their real strength is discount lines as in games at -105 instead of -110 as most books. That reduction of house viggorish by 1/2 makes this an appealling long term investment for the serious sports bettor. Oasis also gives good deals. BoDog and WSEX have great reputations, and persuasive advertising and news media coverage. You would also do well at William Hill which has a generous monthly bonus for the casino end. Hope this helps!

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