Intercasino Poker - Why are the cards / chips / numbers so small?


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Feb 25, 2004
East Coast, USA
I recently signed up for Intercasino Poker and am waiting for my Firepay deposit to be authorized (have to wait 5 - 7 days, really ticked me off - no I can't get Netteller in my state). I have been watchin some of the games and tournaments (which I am newly hooked on), and I see that although their graphics would allow much larger pictures of the cards, and much larger depictions of the chips and bets, the numbers are all very small and hard to read.

Is this true at all poker rooms? I player poker through Crystal Palace (don't even start) and I find the graphics much easier to read. But I wanted to try a place that had more players.
I never seemed to have a problem. Are you sure your display is set up ok? I know the cards aren't huge, but I like it the way it is and the cards graphics are nice and crisp/clear. Plus, the place is so fishy that I'd put up with just about anything to play there.
Yes the games there are a joke. Fish everywhere. I did a review lower in the poker forum. Low limits play pounds, higher limits play US$ to get around what I consider excessive rake. Each skin has their own monthly bonus too.

In my opinion though the software sucks. Sluggish, a bit buggy and graphically poor. Like you said though the fish make up for that.
Fishy is good?

So where do you guys play the most, and who has the best games with easy to read graphics?

Thanks for any input.
Yes fishy as in the games are very loose. If you can tolerate the software Intercasino Poker is ok. Honestly the best games are at Party and skins. The rake is higher then normal and the support is terrible. Not really anywhere that offers loose games and good support. Absolute Poker comes to mind but they are smaller.
I really enjoy JetSet Poker. Lots of tournaments, many different games to choose from too! Customer service is excellent! :D
Interpoker chip purchase delay

double post.
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Interpoker chip purchase delay.

I agree with the delay in processing chip purchase at interpoker. It's been 8 days since I deposited real money and I'm still not able to play. They did a great job on baiting me with there $90 bucks match up bonus which I now regret. Worst of all, interpoker support says that it also takes 7-9 days to process withdrawals, that's a total of 18 days cash in - cash out cycle. Don't they know that 18 days is a long time in poker universe. Considering that we live with one poker hand at a time.

I plan to cash out when my deposit clears....this site does not deserve my rake.

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