INTERCASINO- No wonder they are #1


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Oct 27, 2003
Having had my share of casino bitches and complaints, I also want to share positive experiences when they happen. Intercasino has a fair match bonus that they offer to all players each month. I have lost my share in the past, even with the match bonuses. Have also had a couple of small cash-ins, nothing great but enough to have some fun. Therefore, I had to go through their ECASH sysytem the first time and this did take a little while. However, now that I am signed up- they are awesome. I won a couple hundred the other day (December 4th) and checked my Neteller account- while expecting to see a couple cash-ins from other casinos (not there after days) the Intercasino was paid there- it had been credited by the NEXT DAY & the funds available! Certainly makes me want to go back and play again. If only, the other casinos would succeed in paying players money due. Perhaps, this is why they were voted #1 casino?

Another positive experience is casino-on-net. Although their payout is 5 days, as they state in their info., the payments were in my account EXACTLY the days they were suppose to be.

Gee, casino doing what they agree to do and actually having prompt payouts. Don't tell these other rogue casinos, they are all too happy to take their sweet time and wonder why they need to get new suckers (eh,players) all the time!
I had one that was in my neteller account in less than 12 hours from them once!
I agree with what you said about intercasino, although i lost my bonus in about 15min i withdraw my deposit instantly. And they return it to my debit card in 2 days when most casinos in 2 days still procces the withdrawal. To all these i want to add some more casinos. I played in PLANETLUCK, STARLUCK & CASINO COUNTY. They all have the same money transaction company. EZE International or something like that. After confirming by phone my info for one time in only the first casino i played ( after 2 days i asked for a withdrawal ) the other withdrawals in all other casinos were extrememly fast..! I had my money in my neteller account in 4 hours after a withdrawal!!! That are casinos to play...! Many times i wonder : what are these companies? They have to do only a few things in order to have our appreciation but they are unable to do them. That's why only a few are higher than the others. I personally want fast answers to emails ( or live chat if possible ) and in time proccessing of my withdrawals. They say 2 days. I want my money in two days. They say 10 days. Ok, i want my money in 10 days. But i want my money when they say that they'll give my money. I've played in about 15 casinos and only a few managed to satisfy my standards.
If you loose your bonus and withdraw your whole deposit before finishing the wager requirement, your wager requirement will carry over to the next month.
You can still get their bonus next month, just be prepared to wager a lot more.
I will also add WILLIAM HILL- They had my money in the account within 24 hours. WOW! Actually be able to use the money that I won! What a concept, huh?
too bad the blackjack and tri card poker are rigged or intercsaino would be great. They are the no. cheats of crytpologic casinos.
Got to agree with the "for" votes. Overall Intercasino is up there in the books.

Although i always hear negative things about Will Hill, can't imagine why though if Cryptologic runs it. :crazy:

Rainman, we all know the force behind Cryptologic... :twisted:

If i don't post soon to you all, have a happy and Jolly Holiday
There is nothing wrong with Intercasino. I made nearly $400 (+bonus) there this month. My problem seems to be Microgaming this week. I just keep losing and losing not very much, but very steadily. Losing 5 units in 100 hands of BJ is normal, but if it happens every time, it turns bonushunting into a lossmaking activity. :(

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