Initial play at Maple


Dormant account
Aug 8, 2004
Deposited and received the initial deposit bonus plus the CM special bonus.

Terrible session.

Lost $200 in $1777.50 wagering at 25c JOB.
Received 3 4-OAKS in the 1422 hands - so the smaller hands were way below expected return.

Also hate it when you are at $0 and just a little over the wagering reqs.
Felt like it was pre-destined.
The variance in JoB is large because of the massive pay out for a royal. Until you hit that royal you will be nowhere near expected value.

I had no problem at Maple using JoB to clear the bonus with about half the bonus left.

Sorry to hear about that, painter. I did quite well at my initial session and cashed out the bonus as well mainly playing paikow poker. The house edge is greater than most games but they tend to be streaky so once you start winning increase the size of your bets and you either win or push and that takes you to your WRs pretty soon. The customer service is good and payouts very fast,normally about 36 hours(which include the 24-hour pending period). I have played there 5 or 6 times already and would recommend them to anyone. Hope you win next time you visit them.
I also did terrible my 1st session.

Lost $120 in 1271 hands of 25c JOB.


No reason to return

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