InetBet's Top Notch CSR Team


Dormant account
Jan 13, 2011
I would just like to thank Inetbet's CSR team for doing such a fast, efficient and professional job for me.
I hadn't updated my docs since 2009, had a withdrawal for QT. They notified me by email of what I needed before proceeding with the withdrawal. I emailed all my docs and auth form back, of course forgot to put my account number on the auth and they immediately informed me that all was in perfect order with the exception of needing the number.
I filled it in on the auth form, emailed it back, was informed everything looked great, with a smiley face to punctuate and my withdrawal was immediately transferred to my QT.
The CSR team, didn't miss a beat, or keep me waiting and was fast and freindly all the way and I commend them highly for their dedication to working with the player.
So even if there may be some negative posts regarding the CSR team at Inetbet, I'm sure there are many more members and players that greatly appreciate all you do to get our withdrawals to us as quickly as possible.
Same day service doesn't get any better than this.
Thank You! :thumbsup:


Quit Gambling
Aug 19, 2010
New Zealand
+1 from me - always prompt payouts - no confusing bonus terms and top notch service. More than most RTG's I feel like I am also getting a fair go with regular features and reasonable payouts. Top job!