In need of serious help, I think . . .


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Mar 2, 2004
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Greetings Abby;
Yes stay at three till you lose then reset. Also your result is chosen by the RNG the second you click the button! Positive progession is a good choice, safer then negative with low capital and superior then flattbetting. Beats the WAG eh??



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Jan 16, 2002
DeMango said:
Okay lets get out the calculators, 200 bets at $10, $2000 action. Banker wins 101. Betting Banker gets you (101 * 10 * .95)-(99 * 10). I get 959.50-990 = -30.50 Betting Player gets you (99 * 10) - (101 * 10). I get 990 - 1010 = -20.00 I win by losing less! The whole point that has flown over everyones head is that the ev. of one event is not the same as the ev. of a series of events.

Demango, Your numbers are incorrect because you're missing the tie.

Player: 44.62%
Banker: 45.86%
Tie: 9.52%

Assuming 100 hands for convenience:

player wins 44.62 - 45.86 = -1.24

Banker wins (45.86*.95) - 44.62 = -1.053

Therefore banker loses 0.187% greater than player, or $1.87 per 100 $10 bets.

For your 200 hands and $2000 action, obviously just double everything: player loses $3.74 more than banker.

Your mistake is failing to factor in the tie, which is messing with the 5% commission.


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Feb 7, 2004
After reading this thread, i am really lost for words. I suppose progressive betting can be fun at times so have fun all.


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Jul 7, 2004
Thanks Summertime!

I now revert to 2 Units if I hit the 3 unit max and then stay there but it depends how you feel. I prefer knowing that I am ahead of the game once I get past the second win, rather than losing it all on the 4th or 5th win.

I started out with about 50 walking the tightrope of the Martingale system and winning about 20 a day from William Hill and Littlewoods (each).

Looking for all the best sign-up bonuses is a good idea because it forces you to play, whilst you learn good basic strategy (which is a must!) for different variations of BJ and with the added safety net of the bonus. And you get familiar with the casinos, which is why they give them to you. Keep track of your wins and losses because that is where the crunch comes. I personally try to always use Neteller as it was a nightmare to see my first bank account statement! Once you've hit a wagering requirement then make sure you achieve a realistic stop point. Start low ($25 from a deposit of $50 is still good) plus if you managed to collect the bonus you are laughing. Build up a little and collect at periods. I normally collect a Neteller cheque at about 300 (about $500) sometimes less if things have been slow and I want a moral boost of a cheque through the post.

Collect small bonuses first until you get confidence up to go for the larger opportunities. Betting from the UK does give a slight advantage as some bonuses are the same regardless of currency i.e. $50 (27) or 50 ($88) so sometimes I go with the dollar version so at to not over expose myself. I know it may seem like and illusion but playing $$$ feels like playing with toy money compared with .

For research I use Wizard of Odds at
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Casinomeister of course which was and still is a major help. is handy

Stanford Wong is good reading for real casinos

I also invested one days profit in a PDA (handheld computer like a Palm etc) and got some great software from deepnet technologies at who are really helpful. So I can now practice everything everywhere.

I am not yet a great player but I do know now that 80% of people I have met over rate themselves as players (I mean in real life not here :thumbsup: ) and was surprised at how few people used basic strategy in casinos, I am would be lucky to have seen maybe four or five people in three months at three to four visits a week.

Even if I never get to be great I sure don't want to be giving my money away to fund all those that make the effort to become good journeymen, when I can become one too by being open to learning more.

Saying that I have started looking at Poker as a safer way to get an income whilst I prime up my BJ skills.

BTW the film is a worse bet than BJ. The same as $4000 on one hand with no statistical probability of a return!

Keep reading and posting.

Still need to know about Ciphers software


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Jul 3, 2004

That will be me if I keep on. I paid the Phoenician $50, lost it, put in another $50, lost it and I'm finished! Done! I've uninstalled CON and the Phoenician, putting away my folder of tables and wishing everyone else success. Darcus, the film produces something and it could be great!

I'll keep checking in just cause you all are sort of dear to me now. But, holy cow, the tears of foolishness are wet on my cheeks and I can start learning the play the piano or something! Take care


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Mar 29, 2002
Sounds like you made the right choice summertime. Good for you for knowing when to quit. :thumbsup: Too many people will try to chase their losses and end up losing more and more, ending up in a downward spiral. Good luck on the piano, its not too hard. I played as a kid and wasn't half bad.


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Feb 28, 2006
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LOL, I love the fact that you part of the reason why you were going back to CON was because of "the guy's voice". That's too funny!

CON is kind of a scary place - their blackjack platform makes me uncomfortable. I lost $3500 bucks when I played on there and wished I would have used it in's video poker (best game with the double or nothing!) Also, about the losing 7 times in a row...correct me if I'm wrong, but don't [legitimate] casinos use random card generators, and each hand is as if the deck was just shuffled?

summertime said:
Thank you for the comments. I kept going back to CON because I love the graphics, the guy's voice, the public tables, etc.