Ikibu stringing out withdrawal time


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Jan 21, 2018
Hey all, posting this on behalf of my partner, also I am aware Ikibu are not an accredited casino and don’t hold out any hope of resolution here just looking for advice.

Historically as far as my partner’s experience has been, Ikibu tend to drag out processing withdrawals and I have to admit 9 times out of 10 my partner gets fed up with waiting, reverses the withdrawal and consequently loses it. It is worth noting that on one of these occasions recently Ikibu emailed my partner to express concern over how much he’d spent after reversing the withdrawal (he made no more deposits on this occasion, literally just played with the £400 withdrawal).

Anyhow, my partner played there this past weekend, hit enough to make a withdrawal of £650 on Sunday and then used his seeds to buy free spins on Monday and popped over to play DOA2 with his winnings from them. He hit £5,000 on 18p, and once he’d cleared the wagering he withdrew £4,000.
On Monday afternoon around 3ish Ikibu released the £650, and when my partner enquired they informed him that the other withdrawal should be processed by Wednesday morning. This morning when he went to make a deposit on Ikibu he was unable to as he had the pending withdrawal and Ikibu will not allow you to deposit with a pending withdrawal, instead they give you only the option to reverse.
When my partner went to live chat to ask why his withdrawal was still there he was told they were having problems with their payments platform and that if he wanted to play they suggested he reverse his withdrawal which my partner said he would not do, this went back and forth a bit until they transferred him to someone else who also told him to reverse the withdrawal.
As of this moment the withdrawal is still pending, and that just seems a little bit convenient to be honest, almost as if they are waiting for him to reverse it.

Sorry for the rambling but basically what I want to know is are they in breach of anything as far as the UKGC is concerned since it seems a little irresponsible of them to actively encourage someone to reverse a withdrawal?

Also be interested to hear what other people’s experiences have been with Ikibu.

Thank you and again sorry it’s a bit long winded.


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Apr 27, 2019
Put a timeout on the account and do not reverse the withdrawal this is a warning they want u to do that play somewhere else for time being but put a timeout now.


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Apr 19, 2019
Personally I mostly prefer to set a loss limit. Only at some WHG casino I block myself cause than a withdrawal is for some weird reason almost instant ;)


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Jun 15, 2013
If it takes time, they for sure have their reasons and no, they are not in breach.

Let them do their work, if all is fine - the money will be send anyway.

If there is a habbit if reversing and losing the profits, use one of the protection systems as provided by the service provider.

Simple game he :)


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May 13, 2014
I personally would find somewhere else to play once the payout is made, Ikibu have too many terms, especially their bonus restricted games.

One of the casinos linked in the post above mine would be a good move :thumbsup:

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