If you had to play at one casino for a year which one will it be?


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I would have to pick bodog, reason fav software deep pockets and can has a sportbook and fast payouts :D


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Easy for me. I'd stick to Vegas Palms, where I spend most of my time anyway :cool:

Reason is, they've got a good support staff, quite a number of games that I like, they're paying out quickly and I've had a lot of luck there recently.


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Sands - 2-3 day payout, great customer service, monthly bonuses, and the Crypto games allow me to play multiple hands.


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punter1 said:
up until last week i would have said ukbetting but now 32red
My favourite too if i was playing slots. But as it is, for a whole year i'd be playing 99.94% Double Bonus VP at Littlewoods. Had great results there and good overall support plus a fun game.


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Casino Royale, on the strip in Vegas. They offer 100x odds and $1 table minimum on their craps table. No casino can match that and they also offer free 2nd hand smoke and drinks.

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