If you had to play at one casino for a year which one will it be?

Easy for me. I'd stick to Vegas Palms, where I spend most of my time anyway :cool:

Reason is, they've got a good support staff, quite a number of games that I like, they're paying out quickly and I've had a lot of luck there recently.
punter1 said:
up until last week i would have said ukbetting but now 32red

My favourite too if i was playing slots. But as it is, for a whole year i'd be playing 99.94% Double Bonus VP at Littlewoods. Had great results there and good overall support plus a fun game.
Casino Royale, on the strip in Vegas. They offer 100x odds and $1 table minimum on their craps table. No casino can match that and they also offer free 2nd hand smoke and drinks.
lol, free 2nd hand smoke.

What game (or roll) do they offer 100x odds on??

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