I am really sick and tired of MG and the payment procedures..

Edward D. Wood

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Oct 30, 2007
yeah yeah yeah, another " I am not happy" thread. But hey, it is. Sure - I am very very strict and a word is a word. Sometimes a mistake and a pain "somewhere" for myself...BUT..I always thought I am here with the Casino Industry and some serious business.

I made a withdrawal lately, the second in this casino - and spoke with the chat if they need some document-stuff (ridicilous in my opinion). They answered "no, everything is allright".
I have chosen "Click2Pay"...and asked for a flush of my account...I know myself:rolleyes:.
So, everything was ok - the next day I contacted the chat again - to verify that there are no problems. Sure, a little bit paranoid, but with all those threads here...well. So, I got the answer - that the payment was given to the finance-department (or someting like that) I asked the person at the support about an ca. estimate time of seeing my money on click2pay.
The answer was 12-24hours. Wooohoo...PERFECT I thought.

Guess what...this morning - nothing. This evening - nothing.
So I contacted the stuff again. Well - the payment was released today!!
(Status of the payment on my casino account: In Progress).
Well...what do you mean with "Today"? Answer, you will get paid in 24 - 48hours. WHAT???
So the friendly guy explained me that this is a regular time. Well..yes. So I asked him who is telling the truth and what I should believe now?
(well it tooked some time since he realised what I really wanted)

So the point is. Imagine if I told or gave the casino incorrect details about for example my credit card or something like this....my account would be locked. But why the hell are THEY allowed to give their customers such answers???
I really feel treated like an unwanted customer. Yeah yeah tell somehting what he/she wants to read and move on.

Sure - I overreact on this, but I really life by the phrase " a word is a word" fucking hell...if I make an appointment at 4 o`clock. Its not a 5 or at 3:45.
And I really expect this from a professional casino. This is not a bowling-club, we are talking about money and that stuff. I know I will get paid but I am tired of this hassle.

Lately I played at a Rival-Casino. Did a withdrawal...asked for a flush..and wham..the next morning the money arrived WITHOUT the document-thing.
Yesterday at a RTG Casino - got paid within seconds, after I send my documents.

Haha...they got a cure for a gambling addiction:D

So, you can start flaming this thread. :rolleyes:

Have a nice day & Greetings to you all


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Feb 12, 2003
The Sonora
Gambling online has become generally risky business, especially for Americans. If a casino is not equipped to exchange funds and services with a customer, then they should not take their money. Also, the time to be advised and brought into compliance of any legal restrictions is before they take your money-not just when you win.

I've been jerked around by All Jackpots Casino since February 17th, 2008. I have not played there much in the last couple of years, but started again a couple of months ago. I have received a withdrawal from them in the past.

I requested a withdrawal of $3000.00 on February 17. A couple of days later I received an email requesting a copy of my driver license, which I faxed to them promptly. I immediately received an email back stating that it was not clear enough. I enlarged, faxed again and sent an email with a scanned copy.
Once again, different person, same letter; I faxed and emailed it again. This went on for close to three days. Finally, I didn't get another request for the license. I did not hear anything else until yesterday when I received an email stating that my license was expired and would have to be renewed before they would process my withdrawal. They have my banking information, a copy of the same license before it was expired and they removed money from my account without asking for my license.

Unfortunately, this behavior has become common since the American issue. If the United States government would open the online gaming market to American casinos we would all have a chance to make money and Americans would not have to suffer being abused or cheated by unethical gaming sites. The gaming laws we already have in place would prevent it.

I do most of my gaming at MG sites because in all the years I have been gaming online I came to trust only their sites. Unfortunately, this is no longer true. I encourage anyone gaming online to do what you did...get that documentation handled before you give them your money. They will probably still jerk you around, but at least they won't have the documentation excuse for a month or two. If they had brought up the expired license before yesterday it would have been renewed and in their hands today.

Americans, I encourage you to contact your state Reps and tell them that you want the online gambling market made available in this country.

Casinos, if you are going to show contempt for Americans by finding every excuse not to pay them, then don't let us gamble on your site.

After I get my license renewed and forward the copy to All Jackpots I'll add an update. I have filed a complaint with eCogra and recommend that anyone that is being mishandled or cheated to do the same.

Edward D. Wood

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Oct 30, 2007
Well - I do not say that those casinos are cheating or doing unethical business like those prism-shark-palace of chance-RTG`S casinos.

It is more the "yes yes my dear customer - tomorrow it will be raining in the desert. for sure. good-bye".....attitude. We are still talking about money and about 1000 of customer-addresses and banc-connections and all the stuff.
I am really sure that I will get paid - so, no worries about this. But I miss a bit the prof. in their business. Especially when it comes to a withdrawal. And this happens with all the MG`s I played with. (Spin Palace, Roxy, All Slots, and so on....)
Suddenly the definition of "accurate" becomes slightly different....and behaves like chewing gum in the sun.
Sure - I ALWAYS got paid! Lucky me - I never had to cry about being tricked or something else. Its just the way the do their business....but on the other side they expect 200% truth and details every CIA agent would be happy to get his information so quick and easy!!

My thoughts...

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