How to win at video poker!!!1


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Nov 24, 2003
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Not an advertisment... Just passing along some really good information.
When you are playing bonus Poker or Aces and Faces as it is called in online casino's. If you are dealt a full house with three of the cards being bonus cards. You should discard the pair and go for the four of a kind bonus.

I have been dealt a full house with 3 bonus cards. More often then not I get the bonus. And if I lose the bonus I have only gave up about 25 coins. No matter what I still get three of a kind.
People will say you should never go for an inside straight. Odds are 1-13 that you will get it.

Odds are much greater by drawing 5 new cards and getting a winning hand.

You should go for an inside straight when there is nothing else to go for.

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