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Sep 7, 2005
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I found out about this poker room today, when I read Casinomeister's post regarding the free gas that Pokershare was offering. I checked out their website, downloaded their software, and I liked their deposit bonus so I'm thinking about depositing some $ over there.

However, I made a small search at these forums, only to find out of Pokershare's somehow troublesome past.

Has any of you deposited and/or withdrawn any $ recently from Pokershare?

Thanks! :thumbsup:
I recommend Pokershare. (heading off the question: No, I do not make money from Pokershare!)

I followed their "troubled past" very closely and it was through none of their own fault.

They were sharing software with Ultimate Bet and UB found Pokershare too competative. The players were moving from UB to Pokershare in droves due to better deals.

So UB decided to cut Pokershare off at the knee and literally locked them out of their own site.

This was no fault of Pokershare's, all they did is offer better deals to players.

They now have a new platform and I have every confidence that they will go on giving a better deal to players.

So they are on ultimate beats network...

Good to know, thanks for the tip... I will check them out, I have never played at Ultimate Bet but its a good operation..
This is correct they are on Tain. They share the network with Carlos Poker, Parbet, Expekt, Betsafe to name a few other skins. The games are pretty soft, a big difference is that much of the action is from European players so the peak times are different then most other poker rooms. Also most of the action is PL or NL. When you do find limit games they will usually be in the lower limits and will often be short handed.

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