How much to buy-in?


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Aug 10, 2005
I've had some fun and good luck playing slots and three-card poker lately, but I also keep on finding my buyin running out before I've had my fill.

How many spins would you buy in for if you wanted to play an hour of slots? How many units for an hour of 3-card Pair Plus bets?

I became curious after a recent session where I dropped 50 units 170 hands of 3-card poker (playing pair plus bets only), and then dropped 111 spins worth at Good To Go in about 200 spins. I'm not trying to tell hard luck stories, as I've had my share of good luck as well, but I'm trying to get a handle on what stakes I should be playing in these games, to keep things within my budget.
I usually go about $50 a deposit for slots, which is all i play. I start at around .45 and then either goto .27 if its playing like crap or goto .72 if its going well.
Seriously - I would suggest playing different games.
Playing only the Pair Plus on 3-card is like playing a 'jackpot game' (like slots). The overall total payout % is based on hitting an average number of trips & str8 flushes - if you don't hit that average (or above) your bankroll is going to plummet! :(
Good to Go is, in my opinion, one of MG's crappiest slots!
Again, great if you get the 5 rev-counters but if you dont its a money-eater!
If you want your money to last longer, try Spring Break, Ladies Nite, What on Earth or other 9-liners. Of course, like with all slots, you can have bad runs & bust out pretty quick on these too - but I usually get a good amount of play/$ out of them!
Good luck! :thumbsup:
KasinoKing said:
Seriously - I would suggest playing different games.

Thanks for the advice, seriously. In the live casino, I've only played games that my friends wanted to play (blackjack, pai gow, craps), and my slots play was limited to throwing one bill in a random machine each time I visited.

As such, I haven't done any serious comparison of slots, and I've learned through good and evil experience that 3-card pair plus is *insane*.

I don't really mind losing, but I'd like it to take a bit longer. As Truman Capote said, "Failure is the condiment that gives success it's flavor."

Thanks for the advice. Next time I get the urge to slot it up, I'll try the ones you suggested!
Of the 5 reel slotws, I'd back up KK saying "What On Earth" gives you a good run for the money. Less variance on that one. The others can do some amazing bad streaks that clear you out, although also quite the opposite ;)

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