How does OPA handle a complaint?


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Apr 2, 2001
At Winner Online The Original Mary posted yesterday in part:

"If it is a complaint about an OPA member casino, than we are doing the casino a service in giving it an opportunity to rectify a complaint."

I have just filed a complaint against an OPA member casino.

I would like to know how the procedure for handling this complaint is.

What information will the complainter get in the process?
What are the time limits?
What happens if the casino does not rectify the complaint?


Hi trine,

When the OPA receives a complaint about a member casino, the complaint is usually put at the top of the list. The complainer is normally copied on to the correspondance, and time limits are flexible: it depends on the complexity of the problem and who is available to provide resolution. Right now things are a bit slow since it's Christmas break for most everyone.